Friday, 6 July 2007

The Beanie or better known as the "winter helmet"

The days had been getting colder and The Chicken needed to keep her head warm, she needed a beanie, but not any old beanie, a special hand crocheted by mummy beanie. So I shuffled through the piles of wool and there was nothing inspiring...... then I remembered the wool I picked up when I was actually shopping for beading elastic (I always seem to get side tracked).

The pattern was really easy and I kept calling The Chicken back to check on the size of the beanie, much to her annoyance.

Once it was finished it looked quite cute, I tried it on The Chicken and somehow it looked like she was wearing a helmet. From now on it shall be named the "winter helmet". One problem though, fluffy wool means something that must be explored. The winter helmet now spends more time off and in the mouth than keeping her warm. Maybe I will just have to make another one.....

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