Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Kitchen Things

Not really sure why, but I felt it was necessary to go on a kitchen crochet spree. So a trip to the bead shop was a must and I came home with bags of beads (because you never know when you might need them). It was time to try my hand at some milk jug covers.

Does anyone actually use them these days?

Attempt one was not too complicated, but with some fair results. Nice simple and small, with plain white beads, because that's what the lady at the bead store said I should try. I think a little boring....

So here we go with attempt number two, a little more complicated, but this time using many multicoloured, antique, handmade beads bought many years ago at a market. Very happy this time, but it has been claimed by my mother, who "really loves it and it would be so nice to have one like that". Oh well, here we go again....

Fine, a lot of beads are good, but what if we double the beads and use two sizes of beads. Surely that will look better still. This is the latest milk jug cover. It has been increased in size and is not actually flat, this allows it to sit better on larger jugs. It was quite a challenge, but it uses all glass beads and is quite heavy, but sits really well on water jugs and the like.

Finally, I just had to try and make a cloth for the long narrow bread basket. I am quite pleased with the results of this one. This was a first attempt to crochet a filet crochet item that increased and decreased in size. The border took some time to get right, but I don't think it turned out too bad. (By the way my mother also conveniently has a long narrow bread basket as well, maybe it's time to make another one....)

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