Monday, 20 August 2007

It's Party Time

On Wednesday, Aurelia aka 'The Chicken', celebrated her 1st birthday and yesterday we had the party. I think she was a little overwhelmed by it all, but had a thoroughly enjoyable day. It was unfortunate that the day was very cold and rainy. Which is just our luck, as we had not had any rain for nearly two months and the weather had been quite pleasant for some time until Sunday.(But I don't complain about the rain.) My husband had the brazier burning outside, but even with that going it was still too cold outside, about 12C. We somehow managed to squeeze everyone (about 20 people) into our kitchen, but it all went well and everyone seemed happy.

This morning, the lounge room floor looks like Toys R Us, but it was after all, the 1st birthday. Aurelia was so excited with her new toys she didn't want to go to sleep and had to have the toys extricated from her little hands once she succumbed to the fatigue.

As a consequence to all this partying and preparation, I have not lifted a needle and thread till late this morning. I am starting Dimension's Angel of Harmony. I have decided to try and use a little embellishment on it, maybe some metallic threads and seed beads.

My husband has kindly agreed to take me to Dragonfly Dreams for my birthday, which is not too far from home, and go and buy whatever I like for my cross-stitch. I found that they have an excellent range of charts including Long Dog Samplers and Châtelaine, which I would love to try. They also stock a great range of threads and other embellishments. I will let you know what I come back with!!!

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