Thursday, 20 September 2007

Order of Stitching

First of all I would like to thank everyone who left well wishes for Aurelia aka "The Chicken". I am pleased to say that she is getting better. All the high fevers have gone and the cold and cough seem to be clearing slowly. The fact that she is tearing the office apart at the moment is a clear sign that she is better.

Do you have a special order that you stitch your designs?

I have found that designs that are not huge, I work from darkest thread to lightest thread, then the back and straight stitches, and then french knots. I also leave all the metallic threads to last. If it's a large design I usually stitch the main feature in the design from dark to light. Then I stitch the rest of the design and then all the specialty stitches.

The Nepean River

(Not too far from my house)


Barbara said...

Hi Squazi!

Glad to know that The Chicken (I prefer to call her that ;) ) is in the mend. Yeap when kids get into a havoc, their definitely getting better :D

Thank you for the offer of the ornament designs but I have plenty of my own and I never stitch them anyways (despite all my good intentions), so it's best if the designs go to a more worthy home, where they'll be more loved :D

Great river and so near you!

samplerlover said...

I'm glad the "chicken" is feeling better. You live in a beautiful part of Sydney near the river. I'm further up the mountain.

Simonetta said...

Hi Squazi,I love jour jobs, very beautiful :))) Ciao from Italy