Monday, 22 October 2007

A Busy Weekend

We have had such a busy weekend. We attended my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Aurelia was all dressed up and was so cute. I must say, she was very popular with all the relatives and the wait staff at the reception. The wedding was beautiful and held in a lovely old church in Mosman and the reception held at Shores Restaurant by the sea was magnificent. We had such a beautiful meal, where we all had a choice of the selected menu. The wedding cake was a whole lot of little chocolate puddings with soft gooey centres, served with cream and fresh berries. Yum!!

On Sunday, we had a big family picnic by the beach. It was a great opportunity to meet up with relatives from interstate, who had travelled for the wedding. We were also able to introduce Aurelia to the rest of the family that we don't see too often. It was such a pleasant day and Aurelia had such fun. She was so incredibly tired that she slept all the way home and then went to sleep quite early in the evening. So did mummy, while watching the election debate. Hmmm!!!

I have completed my very first pincushion. It's only very tiny, but was fun to do. I decided to do a design in a Halloween theme, even though we don't celebrate Halloween. I have also started a new cross stitch design. It's an Amish quilt design and I love this one because it's geometric and easy to stitch.

The white work is coming along really well. I have found that a lot of the stitches I was afraid to try, have been really quite easy. I am about three-quarters of the way through. Sorry about the blurry image.

Both Beatrice and Claudia have received their Christmas Ornaments. I am really pleased that they both like them. I had so much fun stitching them and hope they both have fun as well. I look forward to seeing some of the finished designs.
Thank you for all your lovely comments. To answer some questions. Leila, I am going to work on the 10 Virgins design first. I think this one is really cute. The rest, you will have to wait until the new year to see my list of projects goals for the year. Cheryl, I love the Prairie Schooler designs as well. I have only recently discovered them, but hope to do a few next year.


Cheryl said...

Aurelia looks so pretty in her pink dress!
Congrats on the pincushion. Your finishing looks perfect! Great start on the new wip and i really love the enjoying watching you progress with it!
Have a good week

Barbara said...

Aurelia is a cutie pie! Good to hear you had a blast albeit a tiring one!

Lovely stitching all around, I feel a Happy Dance coming soon with the whitework!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Aurelia is so cute, sounds like the wedding was wonderful. Your whitework piece is looking great and thank you for including me on your list of who makes you smile, you certainly make me smile also, I love reading your blog and seeing your updates. {{{HUGS}}}

Mary Ann said...

Lovely stitching pictures, and your little girl is such a cutie pie!

Kajsa said...

Wow, Aurelia is just cute as a button! The white work is really looking good!

Congratulations on the pincushion, it's really cute.

Beatrice said...

Your photos are so pretty!!
What a cutie.

Wow you have been stitching up a storm.Nice job on all of them.