Monday, 8 October 2007

Pattern Giveaway

Well, the second person to receive the Christmas ornament patterns has been selected. Claudia will receive ten patterns soon. I have posted them today!

I haven't had much response for the last ten patterns, so the first person to email me with their details will receive the last ten patterns.

Thank you Barbara for you suggestion for the white work project, pulling the linen tight in the frame does help a lot. I think what Kajsa said was correct that the linen makes it all look uneven. I should have tried the evenweave, but i didn't have any and was not patient enough to wait to buy some.


Veronica said...

Hi :)
I've just found your blog and since you have such pretty works and I want to start stitching I thought you might be able to help me with a question.
How do you draw your chart on the fabric? Do you keep track of the "squares" in the chart or do you actually draw it on the fabric?
is there a special method? Do you know any tutorials/useful links?
Thank you.

Emily said...

I think your whitework will turn out well, even though it's a bit uneven from the fabric.

Veronica said...

thanks for your comment and answer :)
have a great day.

Jaimie said...

Lucky Claudia! How fun to get 10 patterns! And your whitework is coming along beautifully!

Beatrice said...

Your white work looks good. I'm with you on the linen thing it is what it is! never even. But it does look nice when it is done. Keep plugging away!!
Have a good day

Kajsa said...

That is so pretty! I have never seen these ornaments stitched up so I can't wait to see more.