Thursday, 29 November 2007

A Stitching Drought!

I haven't had much of a chance to get some stitching in. Unfortunately the weather has turned humid and sticky and the dreaded sweaty hands are back in action. The other problem is that Aurelia will not sleep on her own in the evenings and I end up with her sleeping in my arms until late in the night. However, in the small number of hours I have snatched, I have made great progress on my Health and Happiness design. I can't believe how much more satisfying it is to work on linen. I know that I have been saying that a lot, but those who work on linen will understand. I have been using the Gentle Art Sampler threads and you can just make out the subtle colour variations. These are really great threads to use and can't wait to make more use of them.

What do you do with all your leftover bits of thread?

I have been collecting them putting them in a fancy wine bottle. It sits on the shelf in my craft room and every now and then I take them from my sewing basket and put them in the bottle. That is when Aurelia doesn't get to them first and eat them. The other day she grabbed the small pile of threads put them in her mouth and yelled out "YUM". Oh, well what every makes her happy and swallowing the threads won't do her any harm!

Monday, 26 November 2007

And the winner is........

This weekend we had our Federal election to vote for our great nations government. Well for better or worse, we have a new Prime Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd. Lets just hope that he does the right thing for our country.

I had a great weekend, I picked up a whole lot of Fisher Price toys for Aurelia that I bought on eBay and she hasn't left them alone since. We also went up the mountains to the fruit growing area, Bilpin and bought a box of yummy cherries,peaches, nectarines and plums. Then last night I discovered that Aurelia, the great disliker of fruit will eat cherries. Victory at last for mum!!!

On the sewing front, I started the
Blue Ribbon Designs "A Christmas Wish of Health and Happiness". I am really enjoying stitching on linen, I miss working on it so much. The Amish Quilt is nearly finished and only requires to be sewn onto it's hanger, so I will post a picture as soon as that's done. I have also signed up for Fair and Square Round #5 and I am looking forward to stitching on linen again and making some new stitching friends. I am very excited about this!! I have almost finished compiling my Stitching goals for 2008. I am hoping to get at least two large designs done and complete plenty of smaller designs.

PS. We have been very lucky and had a whole lot of rain last week. The garden is looking better than ever, but the lawn seems to grow before your very eyes. Oh yeah, the ironing pile is now half of what it was last week. I am so bad!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Arrrgh! The Ironing Pile From Hell

I haven't been able to touch my sewing for days because of the ironing pile from hell. I was very neglectful and left my ironing by the wayside as I was on a stitching roll. Now I have piles and piles of ironing to tackle. The worst part is that it hot and humid and very inappropriate weather for ironing. Oh well! If I get it all done this week, I have a free weekend of stitching for the Christmas Stitch-A-Long. Moral to the story, don't neglect the chores or they get out of hand. Lesson learnt!! Now for question of the week:

How do you store your threads?

I store all my stranded cottons on floss bobbins in floss boxes, that is my DMC, including metallics, Weeks Dye Works, Sampler Threads and Needlepoint Silks. They are sorted by numbers or colour groups depending on the brands. The Dinky Dye, Thread Gatherer, Caron Waterlillies and Watercolours are stored on floss bows and stored in floss bow pouches.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

What a Weekend

We have had such a busy weekend, with swimming lessons on Saturday morning, followed by Christmas shopping for "The Chicken" and then working in the garden. With the week of rain we had two weeks ago, the garden has gone mad making up for all the year of drought. So a job that should have take an hour has taken us all weekend. But boy does it look good and DH is now very, very tired!

This morning we went to the markets and I bought a whole lot of toys for Aurelia. She was very happy with all the new toys and the best part it all cost me less than $10 and a little elbow grease to get them all clean. I especially love the Fisher Price barn, it's missing all the little animals, but for the price I paid, I really can't complain.

Well, I am happy to say that the main body of the Amish Quilt is finished and now only requires the finishing touches to put it on the hanger. I haven't had much of a chance to get in some sewing this week. Aurelia decided that it was a good week to be super clingy and just climb all over mum whenever possible. I love it!

My goals for this year have been a dismal failure, I am so embarrassed by what I didn't achieve, that I have removed them from my blog. Instead, I am going to get some Christmas stitching done and then start on a freebie from Blue Ribbon Designs and then I will set my goals for 2008. This time I am not going to be too ambitious and I am going to try and finish all of the goals. I also finally received my latest purchase, a chart by The Drawn Thread called "Time Flies". I love the design and the colours used in this chart. Maybe part of my 2008 goals, who knows, but I shouldn't get to carried away just yet.

Finally, thank you again to all for the lovely comments about my craft room and the answers to my question of the week, it looks like most of us spend time sewing in front of the TV. These days I really enjoy blogging and everyday I look forward to your comments on my blog. There are so many beautiful people out there doing so much beautiful work. Thanks!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Organisation to the max!

This week saw us make a visit to Ikea, so that I could organise all my crafting supplies. Now I can finally get all my lace making pillows off the floor and easily find all my materials and threads. I have to thank Kate at Our Red House for inspiring me to go and do this with all her tips on household organisation. I also took a visit up to Dragonfly Dreams again and stocked up on some much needed Weeks Dye Works threads and some Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. Here are a few pictures of my craft room and my new stash.

The bin on the floor in the craft room is full of wool and Aurelia had a tonne of fun pulling it all out after it was just filled up.

Two DMC floss pouches, 28ct linen "Desert Sand", 32ct linen "Smoky Pearl", Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, Weeks Dye Works Threads, Needlepoint Silks

I have decided that I will do a question of the week post, to gauge what everyone out there is doing with their crafting.

Where do you do most of your sewing?

I sometimes sit in front of the television and sew, but I don't often lift my head to watch the show. Otherwise my daughter is usually running around playing and I sew while keeping an eye out for her. This is beset by it's own problems though, because she always wants mummy's threads, scissors, hoop or sewing.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Can I eat it Dad??

This has been a particularly difficult week. Aurelia has decided not to take her midday nap for some reason, so that by bedtime, we have one very grumpy and tired little chicken. We have had a good time at home though with DH. On Saturday after swimming lessons, Aurelia fell asleep in the car, so we decided to drive for a while so she could at least have one nap this week. Well, two hours later we were still driving, good thing we had a full tank of fuel. That night she was an angel and made no fuss about going to sleep. We think the reason she isn't sleeping, is that DH is at home and she don't want to miss out on anything going on. Oh well!!

I have been very busy doing a whole lot more sewing. I am about halfway with my Amish Quilt. For those who requested it, here is a link to what it will look like once finished. It's from a company called "Cross My Heart Inc". I have also tried my hand at a pendibulle. It hasn't come out too bad, but unfortunately the Aida I was given isn't exactly square. So even though I did exactly the same number of stitches down as across the square turned out to be a rectangle. On the whole though, I was pretty pleased with the result. I am going to make a few more of them (with different Aida) and fill them with some lavender, then give them away as Christmas gifts.

To answer a few questions, the Christmas designs come from a book called "Leisure Arts Best 250 Christmas Quickies". Unfortunately I just don't quite have the talent to design them myself. As for the cooking, well I have been trying a few different recipes with great success for DH and myself, but Aurelia is not particularly interested in salad, so we have had to give that one a miss, so it's back to sandwiches again. Boring!!!