Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Arrrgh! The Ironing Pile From Hell

I haven't been able to touch my sewing for days because of the ironing pile from hell. I was very neglectful and left my ironing by the wayside as I was on a stitching roll. Now I have piles and piles of ironing to tackle. The worst part is that it hot and humid and very inappropriate weather for ironing. Oh well! If I get it all done this week, I have a free weekend of stitching for the Christmas Stitch-A-Long. Moral to the story, don't neglect the chores or they get out of hand. Lesson learnt!! Now for question of the week:

How do you store your threads?

I store all my stranded cottons on floss bobbins in floss boxes, that is my DMC, including metallics, Weeks Dye Works, Sampler Threads and Needlepoint Silks. They are sorted by numbers or colour groups depending on the brands. The Dinky Dye, Thread Gatherer, Caron Waterlillies and Watercolours are stored on floss bows and stored in floss bow pouches.


Lelia said...

You would laugh looking at my [lack of] organization ... Mine are in some kind of order : ) I have boxes -- and inside are open sandwich size bags with ... floss in numeric order ... sort of : )

Oh well, it does work for me & seems inexpensive and simple.

As for the non-floss stuff, they are on rings in a picnic basket -- out of the light -- and available when needed.

My silk skeins are in a clear box -- I don't have many of those.

We are expecting 1-4" of snow. Sorta a problem for travelers -- but, I'm done running errands for a couple of days.

Always, L.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, I keep all my threads in numerical order in floss boxes. I think I have about 5 large ones. I have a lot of Waterlilies Silks etc. that I also keep in boxes. I have smaller boxes that I have my current work threads in.
How have you liked the storms over the last couple of days. On Wednesday night we had 2 blackouts for a few hours. Also large hail the size of marbles. I was lucky as with the first storm as I had to get my son from the school bus on the Highway and the heavy rain started as we were coming home but the hail started when we got inside the house. Its currently wet and misty up here. Have a good weekend - Sandra.

Anonymous said...

I use those plastic boxes to store my thread (I only have DMC thread).

Thanks for your comment on my blog. If you would like a copy of that cross stitch design, email me privately and I'll photocopy it for you. It was one I sent away to a magazine for about 10 years ago, and it's called "The Beauty of the House".


Anita said...

I store my threads in plastic containers. I used to wind my threads into the little bobbins, but they are just too time consuming. I use plastic bags for the DMC threads by numbers.. like all 500s, 600s, and then put them all in 2 big plastic boxes. Speciality threads are in smaller plastic containers.

Kajsa said...

I use floss away bags that I have sorted away in plastic containers.

Ironing is the worst! I've developed a whole system just to do as little of it as possible.

Emily said...

I use the floss boxes and bobbins. I put specialty floss in little plastic zip-loc bags.

Kathy A. said...

Well, I know where you are coming from. I just finished a basket of ironing and grumbled my way through the whole pile. I store my floss as you do I love those floss boxes. My specialty threads are just starting to accumulate and I am not quite sure yet what to do with them

Beatrice said...

I use floss away baggies for specialty threads and the same boxes for DMC. It works for me. You look like you are very organized...Well maybe not your ironing..heehee.
Hope it cools down for you. I can send you some snow????

Yuko said...

I store each colour of DMC in the small Ziproc and they are stored in the paper shelfs, but it annoys to look for the number, so your idea is really nice, I thought and beautiful!
How and where did you buy those organizer?
If you really don't mind, please let me know, I have been always thinking about how to store my threads...

Yuko said...

Thank you so much for lettming me know where you got these organizer!
I looked at the web site where you told me, and am still thinking about how to organize my threads much better than now... lol
Anyway, thank you so much!
By the way, Australia is my favourite country, I had been there for 1 year when I was young!!