Saturday, 10 November 2007

Organisation to the max!

This week saw us make a visit to Ikea, so that I could organise all my crafting supplies. Now I can finally get all my lace making pillows off the floor and easily find all my materials and threads. I have to thank Kate at Our Red House for inspiring me to go and do this with all her tips on household organisation. I also took a visit up to Dragonfly Dreams again and stocked up on some much needed Weeks Dye Works threads and some Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. Here are a few pictures of my craft room and my new stash.

The bin on the floor in the craft room is full of wool and Aurelia had a tonne of fun pulling it all out after it was just filled up.

Two DMC floss pouches, 28ct linen "Desert Sand", 32ct linen "Smoky Pearl", Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, Weeks Dye Works Threads, Needlepoint Silks

I have decided that I will do a question of the week post, to gauge what everyone out there is doing with their crafting.

Where do you do most of your sewing?

I sometimes sit in front of the television and sew, but I don't often lift my head to watch the show. Otherwise my daughter is usually running around playing and I sew while keeping an eye out for her. This is beset by it's own problems though, because she always wants mummy's threads, scissors, hoop or sewing.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you're so lucky having a sewing room. My supplies sit in a corner of the dining room with the kids' craft supplies. I sew and knit in front of the TV so I like films that don't require my full attention.

I'll be continuing with the home organisation series later today.

Ranae said...

Nice looking room, all organized.
The stash looks good too. Nice color threads.

Lelia said...

oh, I'm green with envy. That is fantastic organization : ) I stitch in a small area in the bedroom. I usually stitch in the evenings while DH & DSs watch tv and/or movies. I call my area the "creativity corner" and when I need more space, I use my DSs table in his room. Usually, my boyz cooperate & are glad to let me spread out once in awhile : )

WOW. really. it looks fantastic.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,

Apparently I just missed you on Friday at DD. Karen told me that you had been in and that she showed you The Token. I"m glad you like it. I like doing really fine work if I can. Your room looks lovely. Thats what I would love.

Because I am the only female in the house besides the dog I usually stitch in front of the TV. I also look up every now and then but I follow the story. Most of the time though the TV is on some sort of sport(mostly soccer - especially on the week end) and when it is I just switch off and enter my own little stitching world. Although if there is something that I really want to watch I watch it. Sometimes I plug in my I pod and listen to music that I like.

Jaimie said...

Way to go on the organization! I love IKEA, all the shelving in my library and pantry is I also stitch in front of the T.V. so I usually miss a good chunk of the show. Today it was cold so I just popped a log on the fireplace and stitched away the afternoon. I don't have small children but my little dogs always want to get up on my lap.

Michelle said...

That's great that you got organized. I have an extra room in my home that is my office, craft room and hubby has a corner too. I do most of my crafting in the living room though, while watching TV.

Emily said...

I like all your shelves and boxes. I do most of my stitching and crafting in the living room. I like the tv on, although I miss a lot that happens, but that's ok, most aren't worth my full attention. :)

Beatrice said...

What agreat looking room. Sooooo organized.
I do All my stitching in front of the TV as well.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,My new work is coming along nicely. Last night I finished I suppose you'd call it the vase of fruit. Love the colours in this one.
Its funny with the storms. We might get rain for a couple of minutes along with one or two bangs of thunder. The next thing you hear is that somewhere down in Sydney has had so much damage that its just not funny. On the news they'll say that the storms originated in the Blue Mountains and you think to yourself what storms. I think as they travel down the mountain they build up. Usually I have to run outside to get the washing in and five minutes later the sun is shining again. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Karen has gone down to Melbourne for the weekend. Lucky her. - Take care - Sandra.

Kathy A. said...

What a great job you have done on your room. do you want to organize my stash next! At home and in Arizona I stitch in front of the tv. My sewing machine is in the sun room in both houses and I watch (or listen to) TV as I sew.
I love your Amish Quilt. Am adding it to my wish list LOL

Anonymous said...

I must have missed this post somehow. Your craft room looks great. Nice and tidy.

I stitch in the living room too but whether the tv is on or off is decided on by whether DH is on his computer or watching tv. I am just as happy to just sit in the quiet and stitch. I can't sit and stitch during the day while Riley is playing as he is permanently climbing all over me and would just be grabbing at all my supplies.