Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Look What Turned Up in the Mail!

Look what turned up in the mail! I recently purchased four beautiful Lavender & Lace designs and one Told In A Garden design. They were at bargain basement prices, so I just couldn't go past them.

Angel of Light
Angel of Summer
Angel of Autumn
Angel of Winter
Piecemakers I

I was hoping to get one of the angels done next year in my stitching goals and was wondering if anyone might be interested in stitching a Lavender & Lace Angel with me in a stitch-a-long. I wouldn't be able to start the design until the end of January and I think that I really would need the friendship and encouragement to get it done. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please let me know.

Good news, I have been able to spend the entire day stitching, so I have made great progress on all my outstanding WIPs. I will be posting a photo in a day or two.

PS. Dani at Dani... Black Belt Stitching Wizard is a new visitor to my blog and asked about the GAST threads, yes I do find that they tangle, twist and knot easily, but I have found that if I let the thread go and let it naturally unravel itself, I seem to have a lot less problems. I have had quite a few new visitors, Yuko at Be Happy!, Chiloe at Chiloe's Corner, Marita at Stuff With Thing and Nicky at The Little Needle Case. Thank you to everyone for visiting my blog, I cherish all your comments and look forward to reading them every morning.


akinaustralia said...

I just bought all the items for Angel of the Sea. Would that work for a SAL with you? I read you joined Fair and Square. I love that exchange. Kathy

Emily said...

Grats on the patterns. :) Getting a bargain always feels awesome!

karin said...

All designs are wonderful charts! Which design is a chief candidate? I want to do a stitch together, too…I am not confident of a stitch. I like "Told In A Garden". "Grandfather's Barn" is the chart which I did a stitch of for the first time. I remember that I was very happy.

Sonda in OR said...

I have Angel of Summer...I think I'd really like to work on that...since pink is my favorite color! Late January would be fine by me...maybe I'll get one of my other UFOs done by then!

Michelle said...

Wow~you have some big projects to do! That's great that you got to stitch for a day..I'm jealous. Michelle

Cheryl said...

Great stash!! I think angel of winter is my favourite

Lynn said...

Beautiful charts Susan! I have the Angel of Light and the Angel of Winter in my stash as well as the Ice Angel. I always tend to lean towards winter pictures. I'm just getting caught up on your blog. Your garden looks lovely. Now that we have snow it's so nice to see pictures of flowers and gardens like that!I'll trade you for some of your warm sun right now!!
The BR ornament is cute. I love working with GAST floss too. I find the WDW floss tangle more than the GAST do.
Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. I love to hear from you.

Lynn said...

Sorry I called you Susan instead of Suzanne! I'd just got off the phone with my friend Susan when I was reading your blog. It doesn't take much to confuse me these days!!

Ranae said...

Woohoo!! those are some beautiful patterns.
Happy Stitching!!

Jaimie said...

Beautiful charts! I am drooling!

Beatrice said...

Those patterns are great. My Mom is a great lover of L&L. I am too but I love them when She stitches them LOL
I would love to join you but I have a lot on my plate right now. I will be watching on the blog for sure!

Lelia said...

My son, Nicholas, is stitching the angel in your post -- the last one, I think called Angel of Winter. He is enjoying it.

I think they are very hard, however, I do plan to stitch Emma's Garden one of these years. Not an angel, but loaded with cross stitches !!!

Have fun with your SALing.

tkdchick said...

What a great set of new charts. So which one will you be starting in January?

The Silver Thistle said...

Hello! Just found your blog from Donna's and wanted to pop in and say 'Hi!'

I've got Winter Angel that I plan to get finished this year (or next year now, I guess, lol).

I'll look forward to seeing all your projects in 2008.