Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Stitching and cleaning

Well our garage sale on the weekend was a great success. Not only did we clean out the guest room and shed of all those unwanted items, but we also made heaps of money. My husband has very kindly let me take all the profits and spend them at my LNS. What a excellent man!! I have produced my shopping list ready to go up there straight after Christmas. Yeah! By the way, Aurelia was a great assistant. She was picking up things in the garage sale and offering them to the people who visited and on a few occasions even gave people a hug. This must be why we did so well. Hah, hah!

I love this photo so much, I have named it 'Peter, Peter, onion eater'. Someone is fascinated by onions and garlic at the moment and very nicely peeled all of the onions for mummy.

Well, if you haven't noticed, I have compiled my goals for 2008. I have two year long projects with my Lavender & Lace Angel of Winter in the SAL and the 12 Blessings of Christmas by Lizzie Kate. These are part of the Flip-It range and I am going to do one each month up until Christmas next year. I am putting them together using the free border chart on the website. My other goals include Black Willow Farm and Pumpkin Farm by Carriage House Samplings and the first one I am going to do, 10 Virgins by Barrick Samplers. This by no means is all that I am planning to do, but these are the major projects I plan to get done.

I am also participating in some exchanges this coming year, the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club, Fair & Square and Hooked on Exchanging. I think this is going to be a very busy year, but as Aurelia is becoming a little more independent I think it is important to keep myself busy as well, and what better way than to do something that I am passionate about.

I have been really busy stitching and cleaning. The house is almost perfect for our guests that arrive on Saturday and so with little cleaning to do, I have spent all my spare time stitching. I have finished Aurelia's Christmas decoration and it only needs to be stitched together now. I have also stitched the designs for two of the four pendibulles I am making as gifts. They will be filled with lavender and can then be used in draws to leave a lovely smell. Again, I am just concentrating on the stitching and then the finishing can be completed just before Christmas.


Ranae said...

Aurelia's quite the little salesgirl,lol. Glad to hear it was a success. And I cant wait to see what you buy.
Good Luck with the 2008 goals. pendibulles look great and what nice gifts too.
Take Care!! and have fun with the guests ;)

Emily said...

I'm jealous of your sunshine! ;)
I'm looking forward to seeing your ornaments finished up!

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
Aurelia is such a beautiful little girl. I'm sure you and your husband are very proud ofher. She looks like an irresitable sales woman.
I hope you have fun completing your goals for next year and are able to reach them.
I would like to wish you and your lovely family a very Happy Christmas. I'm sure that Santa will be good to all of you. - Take care - Sandra.

Kathy A. said...

Dear Suzanne - Aurelia is just the cutest little thing and I am sure is the best assistant in the kitchen. I admire your list of goals for 2008 and wish the best with them.
From my house to yours Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

tkdchick said...

All of your stitching looks wonderful!