Thursday, 3 January 2008

A new year has started

What a few weeks we have had, it turns out that Aurelia had roseola, so after the three days of really high fever, she broke out into this spotty rash all over her body. She is much better now, so thank you for all your wishes. I think these weeks have been particularly difficult on her with her whole routine thrown out with our visitors, but they have gone home now, so I hope that all will go back to normal. I don't mind visitors, but it's can be just so difficult and straining and everyone seems to be on edge the whole time. After this whole experience, we have decided to scrap the guest room and turn it into a study/rumpus room that we can all use effectively. It also means that the room will get used more than once or twice a year.

On my last post, I forgot to show you a picture of my latest little piece of work, so here it is. It's called Victoria Blooms.

I have also cut all my fabric to size for the Angel of Winter and put all the materials together into my stitching bag ready to go at the end of this month. I have also begun my 12 Blessings of Christmas. I am doing the border first and then will stitch each of the blessings a month at a time. Unfortunately I have not been able to source all the threads I require, so I might fall a little behind with this project.

Now, I have to admit I have been weak, so very, very weak and I couldn't resist joining another SAL. This one is the Bent Creek SAL and we are stitching The Red Thread. Again, I think I may fall behind on this one as I have to order all the materials for it, but as there is only one block a month, I suppose it shouldn't take too long to catch up.

I have also been stitching my scissor fob for the exchange, but I obviously can't share that yet, but I will once my exchange partner has received it. I am very happy with, although I am not really sure how small I am supposed to make it. Currently it looks like it's going to be about 5.5cm, maybe for a bigger set of scissors?


Karen's Blog said...

Poor little Aurelia. I am glad you found out what was wrong and that she is getting better. Good decision about the spare room. Friends of ours who have 3 little boys did the same thing. Welcome to the BC SAL. I have the charts on the Hoffman order I am doing next week, so I will have tehm in stock before I get too far behind:)

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for visiting Suzanne - it is so nice to meet you.
What a sweetie Aurelia is and I'm so sorry that she has been so ill. Thankfully she is now improving but I can imagine how glad you were when your company left and you and DH has just your sick little chick to think of.
I love all the projects you are working on and am certainly very tempted to join the Bent Creek SAL. It is lovely.
I noticed in your profile that you love cooking and collect recipes. Do you have the recipes for New York (Nanaimo) Bars and Seven Layer Cake? If not I can email them to you as they are simply delicious.
Hope Aurelia is improving every day. Happy 2008 to you and all your loved ones.

Itching To Stitch said...

All your pieces look great. The 12 Blessings is going to be beautiful and I look forward to seeing Angel of Winter started ;)

karin said...

I was surprised that I heard that Aurelia was sick. I am glad that she goes to the convalescence. I like the project that you wrestle with. All is very wonderful. I look forward to the process of those stitches.

Beatrice said...

12 blessings looks very interesting.
That will be beautiful. One a month is a good idea!
I love that Bent Creek SAL. Good luck with the progress of all your WIP's

Ranae said...

The BC is awesome. I hope Aurelia is feeling better. My ds had roseola too when he was oh so young, lol.

Michelle said...

I'm glad your baby is doing better.. that's no fun.

You've got some great projects - I love the Bent Creek SAL. Great work, as always.


Lynn said...

Glad to hear Aurelia is on the mend. It's always worrisome when our babies are sick so I'm sure you're feeling much better as well.
You've got some great projects lined up! I think I'd be tempted by the Bent Creek as well. I love their designs.

Emily said...

I hope your daughter is doing better! Your projects are lovely, as always.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, I just visited Karen's blog and found the photo of you and your family. Its lovely to be able to put a face to someone.
I'm so glad that Aurelia is feeling and looking a lot better.
Your Bent Creek SAL is looking interesting and should look lovely when its completed.
I will have to update my blog either today or tomorrow. My DH has been home and one of my sons is on school holidays. I have been having trouble getting on the computer long enough to update my blog as along with my other son when he is home the 3 of them keep the computer quite busy. Anyway hopefully today (although I have an oven that I'm cleaning (yukky job) and hair cuts to arrange today so we all look beautiful for the wedding next week). On second thoughts it might be tomorrow.
Anyway its good to see you and your family and you never know we both could be visiting Karen at the same time. I think we keep missing each other. - Take care - Sandra.

anne said...

Wow what a stash enhancement. Your daughter looks very cute. Look forward to stitching along on the Red Thread SAL. Have a great day.

nicky said...

Glad to hear your little girl is much better! Its hard to SAL from Australia because the patterns are not necessarily here at the same time, still it will be fun even if you are a little behind!
Happy stitching,

Kathy A. said...

My goodness girl - you have quite the list there. All your SALs are beautiful and you will do a wonderful job on each im sure. I look forward to watching your progress. I hope that Aurelia is well on the mend. It is hard when the little ones are ill.

Lelia said...

Hello! Enjoyed your post & reading about the SALs and exchanges. Fun to start a new year with projects in mind. Good to hear Aurelia is improving & feeling better.

I'm with you re. the guest room. Skip it & make it something to use year-round.

Enjoy the week-end : )

Jen said...

The Red Thread series is so much fun. My two sisters, sister-in-law, best friend and I are stitching this as a round robin. We are on the May block.

Jaimie said...

I'm glad your daughter is finally getting better. Another SAL! I checked it out and it sounds like fun! Can't wait to see your progress!

Kajsa said...

All my kids came down with roseola before they turned 3, it's very common but scary with that high fever. I'm happy that she's better now.

Your latest finish is really cute. Can't wait to see your Angel of Winter start. I have that one kitted up somewhere. Sal's are hard to resist aren't they?