Monday, 28 April 2008


Once again this ANZAC Day I was unable to attend the dawn service, but it's a little much to expect a one year old to get up at 4am to stand in the cold, wet dawn. However, we had a great day. Aurelia, helped me make ANZAC biscuits, even though the chair, bench, floor and child were covered in oats, flour and sugar. We had great fun and she couldn't wait to eat her 'bickies'.

I would like to share the biscornu I made for the HoE recently. Yes, I know that it's very late, but I didn't get back into my sewing until just over a week ago. This is the first biscornu I have ever made, but I found it really fun and not too difficult to put together.

Design: Biscornu No. 7
Designer: Aurelle (Freebie found here)
Thread: DMC Colour Variations 4130 & gold seed beads in two different sizes
Fabric: 32ct linen - Antique Ivory
Finish: Biscornu

Sandra, I know you wanted to know how Aurelia is going. Well I am glad to say that after 4 months of persistence, Aurelia has moved out of our bed into her own bed and is sleeping through the whole night on most evenings. This is a blessed relief for everyone in our house. She is also saying a lot of words. She will only say one at a time, but she has quite a large vocabulary. She seems to come up with a new word almost every day. At the moment she is obsessed with rockets and the moon and the stars. We bought her a little rocket ship that has some astronauts, including a dog, moon buggy and martian. It's her favorite toy at the moment, she spends her time counting down the launch. Two, two, two.....

Here are a few photos of our day out at the Royal Easter Show. Aurelia had to pat, kiss and cuddle every sheep, goat, chicken etc in the pen. She was so excited, especially when the goats wiggled their tails.

This is a photo taken when we went walnut and chestnut picking. Aurelia became really good at deciding which were the right walnuts to pick up and which were the 'yucky' ones. She also tried to pick up the chestnut still in it's casing, which is really prickly. After that, she just walked along and pointed to the ones Mum and Dad had to pick off the ground for her. Each one had to pass through her hands before being thrown into the bucket. Someone had appointed herself the quality controller of the chestnuts.


Cheryl said...

Cute pictures of your DD!
Great job on the biscornu. Ive never made one before!
Hope you are feeling better

Beatrice said...

I see congratulations are in order for your pregnancy.
I'm glad you are feeling good now.
The biscornu is wonderful and The photo's you have posted are very cute. I love one that your daughter is cuddling.[wrong end though] hehe.

Vonna said...

Those ANZAC day cookies look really good...your the second blogger I've read that posted a picture of them...I most intrigued about them for they look DELICIOUS! I love oats ;)

My little boy would go head over heels to see your DH (?) Aussie Hat he's wearing...he wants one TERRIBLY so he can play Indiana Jones :)

Your DD is a sweetie...pinchy cheeks!

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, I'm glad that you are starting to feel better. Hopefully the worse is over.
I'm glad that Aurelia is now growing up and giving your and your DH your own space. Its lovely when they sleep through the night and you are able to get a good nights sleep. She is a beautiful little girl and I'm sure she is going to make a lovely big sister.
I love your Biscornu. What a great first attempt. I haven't tried one yet. Been too busy trying to finish Margaret Gibson which I have be the way, yay.
Anzac Day is always a special day for me. I always think of my great Uncle who died at Bullecourt France on 15.4.1917 aged 22. I have been trying to find for years where he is buried and hopefully I have.
Its very cold up here at the moment and all the trees are looking absolutely beautiful. If you come up here over the next week or two have a drive up to either Blackheath (backstreets) or Mount Wilson. Hopefully the leaves will still be on trees. Glorious colours - anyway take care - Sandra.

Ranae said...

Your first biscornu is beautiful. They are so fun.
Those are some fabulous photo's of Aurelia

Michelle said...

Well done on your biscornu! Was it difficult to do?

Love all the pictures of your sweet daughter.


Lynn said...

You've done a great job on your biscornu! I haven't tried one yet. I'm hoping they're not too difficult.
The pictures of your daughter are adorable! They reminded me of my trips to the petting zoo with my boys.