Monday, 5 May 2008

Round One of LHN RR Completed

I have been very busy completing Nicki's RR square for the LHN RR. Nicki has asked for a garden theme, so I designed a garden that I wish I could grow for her. I love sunflowers, but have nowhere to grow them at home and I have a slight obsession about stitching sheep at the moment (even though I don't have many sheep designs).

I used the LHN charts Gourmet Garden, City Stitcher*Country Stitcher and Willow Tree Inn and used DMC threads as per the charts.

This week I have time to catch up on my many WIP's, as well as attending many preparations for my brother's wedding on Saturday. We are staying overnight at the hotel where their reception is, so I get to spend a very lazy and easy Mother's Day morning having a sumptuous breakfast. Yeah!! However, when taking a one year old with you for the whole day and staying overnight, I am sure that it's going to take twice as long to pack her stuff as it takes to pack mine.

I am planning to make a floss ring tag and have purchased all the materials except the floss ring. I spent most of yesterday driving around town looking for these rings, but everyone just looked at me like I was talking nonsense. Does anyone know where I can purchase them from? I have looked at a few on-line craft stores and have not been able to find any there either.

Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments about my anniversary. We had a lovely dinner together at home that evening and my husband worked from home that day. As to how I am feeling, I am over my morning sickness completely and I am slowly getting back all my energy.

The biscornu I stitched, I found to be relatively easy to put together. The first few corners were a little difficult, but after I did a few, I found them easier to turn. The only real challenge was sewing the bead into the middle on the front and back, I had real difficulty ending the thread off and hiding it successfully. I used a really great tutorial at Annette's Acre, where she made it really easy to follow and understand.


Nicki said...

Oooh, I love it! Thank you :) I love sunflowers too and I'm very pleased to see sheep in my garden!

Jill said...

Suzanne, I am a friend of Joans (kind of helped her with her RR) and am kind of interested (and anxious) in seeing how all of these progress. The square you did for Nicki is gorgeous. You did a fabulous job!

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, I'm feeling a bit better but I have trouble with the cold. When it gets too bad I sit and stitch. Sounds like a good idea to me (any excuse).
Your RR is looking lovely. I always like this LHN pattern. I love sheep too.
Sounds like you are going to have a lovely weekend. I'm sure the wedding will be lovely.
Yes my anniversary was lovely or though we celebrated on the Saturday when my son and Daughter-in-Law came up and we all went out for lunch. = Glad your feeling a lot better = Sandra.

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful square you did. The little lambs are really cute. What a gorgeous RR it is going to be

Lelia said...

Your RR square is fantastic!!! Job well done : )

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, yes it is truly beautiful today. I love this kind of weather. Sounds as if you are going to have a lovely weekend.
Don't know if you check out this site but go to my blog click on Lagatta and then click on to the site that says Needle and Passions (or something like that) - it has a free graph called the marriage proposal. When you get into the site scroll down a little bit and the are some lovely things for babies that might come in useful. The only thing some of it is in French.
Well I hope that you have a lovely time at the wedding and also a beautiful Mothers Day - Sandra.

Cheryl said...

Hi Suzanne! You asked about my Dollhouse WIP the other day? Its by Brightneedle. I love it but havent worked on it in a long time. I'll get back to it one day LOL
I love this square you stitched for the RR! Happy (very belated) anniversary by the way :)