Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Better late than never...

I have to apologise, I have been very slack and have not posted for a little while. I have been really quite busy. For the first time since Christmas, my ironing pile has disappeared completely and the laundry is back to it's tidy self. This has been a real sore point with me for a while, but the task had become so huge that I just kept putting it off all the time. Well, last week I had a real boost of energy and a little enthusiasm, so I finished the job once and for all.

Consequently, I haven't really spent a lot of time stitching. I have finished my square for Debbi's LHN RR. Debbi asked for a neighbourhood theme and asked us to stitch a house and garden just like our own. Now living in Australia, that's actually quite difficult as most LHN designs include animals and plants not found here. But with a little creativity, here it is.

I took a bit from 'Colonial Homes', 'Gourmet Garden' and 'City Stitcher*Country Stitcher'. The house is as close to my house as I could get. The trees represent the gumtrees around my house, we have a few blackbirds that visit, although they are most definitely not welcome in my garden as they dig all the mulch and plants up. The purple flowers are for all the lovely native purple flowering plants in the garden and the tall plants are the weeds that grow in the reserve next to our home.

Debbi has used beautiful Silkweaver fabric in a colour called 'Days Gone By'. It's the most wonderful fabric to work on. I have never used an Silkweaver fabric before, but it's so incredibly soft and easy to work on.

The only other stitching I have worked on in my LHN exchange for Hooked on Exchanging. I can't show a picture of it yet, not until my exchange partner receives it.

By the way, if you haven't left a message yet for my blogavesary giveaway, you still have a few days left. I have picked the design and finish I am going to stitch for the first name drawn, a great pattern and thread package for the second name drawn and a pattern for the third name drawn.


Lynn said...

I love your stitching for the RR and how well you've personlized it!
I wish I had some of your energy. I've yet to clean up the room which will become my craft room. It's the room where dump everything and the task is sooo daunting!

Julianne said...


How great that you were able to get caught up with your ironing pile. I can understand why you would put it off because it's a pain to iron.

Your work on Debbi's RR looks wonderful! I just love how you charted it. It's very pleasing to the eye.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
Isn't ironing a pain. I usually put the TV on and watch that while I while away the hours.
You did very well with your RR. Its very hard to find an Australian style house isn't it. You should have put a koala up a gum tree LOL. Now that would have been different. Just joking. I never see either around here, although I often see foxes. One early morning while my DS and I were waiting for DH to come DH frightened one who was standing on our front porch looking through the screen door. I'm glad that DS had closed the screen door properly otherwise I would have had an unwanted visitor.
How's it down there. Very cold and windy up here. My DH stated as we were going to chase the trains that it looked like the snow weather was on its way.
Well I had better get off the computer and go and relight my fire. The cold is starting to get to me.
Hope you are going along ok and taking it easy when you have to. - Sandra.

samplerlover said...

Maybe we should twist someones' arm, (no names mentioned) to see if she can get some other colours. Usually though I am happy with the antique white, although I have been known to do some tea dyeing on some of my samplers. But I didn't think it would work on this one.
Kitty Bigg is in a book called "Australian Needlework - Cross Stitch Counted Thread and Canvaswork" - I don't know if it is still in print as it was published in 1993.
I can give you a photocopy of the pattern if you want it, but unfortunately it doesn't photocopy very well. The problem is the graph paper that they have used. Its a very pale blue, but the actual design parts are ok.
I also have the graph for Isabel Buist, Van Diemans Land 1839 (small sampler) (both these samplers are in the Power House Museum)(If you go to my blog for the 11 January there are other photos from this book. Isabel is in the bottom photo and is the smaller one. Would love the graph of the one next to it though). If you would like a copy of them just let me know a few days before you come up to Karens and I will give them to her or give you. Just ask her did I leave anything for you. - Sandra.

samplerlover said...

ok that's fine. Funny you already had that book. There are some nice things in there, but I particularly like the one I am doing. I think when you look at it there aren't that many Australian books with samplers in them.
I know what you mean about knowing and planning what you are going to do. I think we all go into phases. I am in my Repo Antique Sampler phase. With all the samplers that I have on my list, I think I will be in this phase for quite a while.
Still cold and windy up here. Thankfully I FINALLY got the fire to go. Well the ironing calls - Sandra.

Margaret said...

Congrats on getting all that nasty ironing done. What a job!!

Love your house for Debbi. It looks so welcoming that I'd like to drop by and take a look inside.

kathy said...

ME ME I would love to have your beautiful stitching. Please add me to your list. It is a great accomplishment to have an anniversary. Congratulations. Happy Stitching Hugs, Kathy

Michelle said...

Sometimes it's hard to get everything done around the house and blog too! Your stitching looks beautiful, as always.


Little Cat said...

Good on you for catching up with all that ironing. That just has to be the worst housework job ever lol.

I love your square on the neighbourhood RR. Really cute. That fabric is so pretty too.

tkdchick said...

Great job on the RR!

As for ironing... I reccomenend wrinkle free clothing!

Kathy said...

The house is wonderful. Looks really cozy! Bet you it is wonderful on the inside as well.
Happy Stitching Hugs, Kathy