Friday, 13 June 2008

Blogaversary Giveaway

I have had a good response so far to my blogavesary giveaway, but for those who haven't left a comment yet, my one year blogaversary is coming up in a less than a months time, so I would like to have a giveaway as a thank you to all those people who regularly visit my blog. So if you would like to receive a gift, perhaps a surprise chart and thread or a stitched item, please leave a comment on my blog indicating your preferences and I will be drawing three names on the 4th of July and then posting the names of the winners on my blogaversary date.
Good Luck!!


preshrose said...

Hey Suzanne,
I read your blog all the time! I didn't realize you were pregnant! Congratulations! We are due just a few weeks apart. Congrats also on your soon to be blogaversary.
Paula D

Dani said...


Congrats on your blogoversary (don't sign me up since I just found your blog today). I was actually searching for cross stitch patterns that were related to engineering and my google search brought me to you since you have engineer as part of your about me description. Then I saw you were part of the Fair Squares exchange so there is a definite chance that we might be connected at some point. I just wanted to say hi since I was here.
Dani M.

Becky K in OK said...

Congratulations on your upcoming blogaversary. Anything from you would be great. I like patriotic, pinkeeps, and scissor fobs.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should be in the draw seeing as I'm relatively new to your blog ;) Sounds like a great idea - in fact you've just reminded me of something I need to do!

Margaret said...

I would love to have you put my name in for your draw Suzanne. This is so very nice of you in celebration of your blogiversary. Congratulations on year #1.

Aurelia looks simply adorable in her beanie. No wonder she/you had so many sweet comments. It sounds like the three of you had a lovely time on Saturday. Glad to hear your little girl felt much better.

CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. You and DH must be thrilled that in just over 100 days there will be four of you.

Hope you are having a great week.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, yes we saw the steam train. My son took photo's of it at Katoomba Station. There was a train lovers weekend up at Mt Vic. They had train rides going from Katoomba to Mt Vic all day. (Cost a fortune to go on it though.
This week end up here is the Winter Festival in Katoomba. The main street is closed and there are stalls etc. all the way up and down Katoomba Street. (I always call it the Feral Festival, naughty I know, but it's sometimes true LOL).
Its funny how kids love steam trains. My sons used to be like that when we were travelling up or down the mountain. My husband used to park along the road so that they can see them.
I'm glad that you are feeling ok and are back to your stitching - Sandra.

Team Boustead said...

You have both lovely stitching and a lovely daughter! I remember when my daughter was that age, and how bubbly she was! Now that she's 5, she's really interested in princesses and Barbies and ballerinas.

I would love anything if my name was chosen!


tkdchick said...

Me please Suzanne!!!!