Monday, 9 June 2008

The June Long Weekend

We have been very fortunate the last week as we have received some much needed rain. Throughout the month of May, we received no rainfall, so last weekend after having thoroughly cleaned our garden it began to rain on the Sunday afternoon. I don't think the weather could have had any better timing.

On Friday night, our poor little girl, Aurelia, developed a terrible cold and fever and spent the night in bed with us. Ever since she was born, as soon as she becomes a little congested, she gags and chokes, then throws up. So as much as I hate to give her any medication, at least it helps her breath, stops the runny nose and she doesn't throw up any more. Mind you, Friday night she threw up all over the carpet and for the first time I was very thankful we chose a hard wearing and easy cleaning carpet.

By Saturday afternoon she seemed to have improved somewhat, so we planned for a lovely drive and picnic on Sunday. We travelled down to Mittagong, Berrima and Bowral and had a look around there. The weather was a little bit on the drizzly side and cold, but just perfect for us. Aurelia wore her beanie I made and was the talk of the town. Everyone we passed commented on how great her beanie was. After a good look around, we headed a little further along to Fitzroy Falls, to see the beautiful waterfall. Although the fog was really thick, we still had a great view and there was where we had a lovely picnic lunch. On the way home, we decided to stop in at the train museum at Thirlmere. Aurelia was just so excited and wanted to ride on the train. Unfortunately this weekend the trains were not running, but she climbed up into one of the steam engines and sat at the drivers seat, turning the wheels and pulling the leavers and 'driving' the train.

Over the last week I have also been able to get a whole lot of stitching done. I completed the squares for my Fair & Square Round #7. I tried a very different design this time and I found I really enjoyed stitching it. I will post pictures as soon as my exchange partner receives them. I also dedicated the last week to catching up on my Bent Creek Red Thread SAL. I am almost caught up. I have completed my January, February, March and April squares and have almost completed my May square. These are really fun to stitch and I just love the colours.

My one year blogaversary is coming up in a less than a months time, so I would like to have a giveaway as a thank you to all those people who regularly visit my blog. So if you would like to receive a gift, perhaps a surprise chart, thread or a stitched item, please leave a comment on my blog indicating your preferences and I will be drawing three names on the 4th of July and then posting the names of the winners on my blogaversary date.


Sonda in OR said...

Please enter me in the drawing...I don't have a preference! Nice work on the Red Threads. Your daughter's a cutie!

Lynn said...

Please include me in your draw. I don't have any preference. You can surprise me if I'm lucky enough to be chosen.

I love Aurelia's beanie too!! It's just adorable. Glad her illness was shortlived.

Your Red Thread stitching is looking fantastic. I've added this one to my wish list!

Diane said...

Aurelia is such a cutie patootie!

I love your Red Thread. Are you stitching with the recommended colors? What linen are you using?

Please enter me in your draw as well. I would love to receive a stitched piece, but would be happy with anything if my name is chosen.

Ranae said...

Aurelia is such a little cutie. Love her beanie. Bless her little heart, I hope she is feeling much better. The Falls are just beautiful, wish we had something like that around here.
Red thread is looking great.
please enter me in your drawing. I am not picky, but would love something stitched, lol. I dont have anything stitched by nobody.
Happy blogaversary!!!

Anonymous said...

What lovely photo's! Such a cutie and that hat is great.

Michelle said...

What a sweet baby in that beanie! Sorry she was sick tho..

Great stitching and love the waterfall picture.


samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
I hope Aurelia is now feeling alot better. She looks cute sitting on the steam engine. What a pity they weren't running. We had them up here a couple of weeks ago. Did you see them when they passed your way. My youngest son took a photo of them at Katoomba Station.
It's beautiful down around Mittagong and Berrima. I used to enjoy going down to Berrima for a drive when we lived in Sydney. (I used to like the shops, don't tell anyone).
Your Bent Creek Sampler is coming along. Love the snowman.
Well, I suppose I had better join all the other girls in your draw. It doesn't matter what it is. I'm not fussy. - Sandra.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your daughter is adorable and your Bent Creek piece is coming along very nicely. If you want you can drop my name in the draw. Have a good day ;)

Aussie Stitcher said...

Hope Aurelia is feeling much better, I hate it when my kids are sick. She looks so cute in the beanie.
Please include me in the draw, and if I am lucky enough to win you can surprise me.

nicky said...

Please enter me in the draw. I love reading your blog as its nice to hear about another aussie stitcher!

KaLu said...

oh my! aurelia is getting so big !! its funny to see them grow in our posts huh
sounds like you had a fun weekend and you made some really good progress on red thread... im still stuck in august since it looks like i didnt get it .. but im working on some other things ..i just pulled out a RR that was started in 2004 ! lol