Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I have been busy!

You may remember, way back, when I started Black Willow Farm. Well, I had the urge to stitch on it again and spent the entire week stitching. This is my progress so far. I think that I am about three quarters of the way through, so I can feel a happy dance coming up.

I also forgot to post some pictures of my 12 Blessings of Christmas last month, so here is my June square.

Finally, I have also been working really quite hard on my Bent Creek Red Thread. I am almost at the halfway point with the squares as well as the border. I really love this one and hope to finish it soon, so that I can then make a new start on their new series called Snapperbet.

I still have had no takers for my PIF offer, so if there is anyone out there who is interested, please let me know. I have some wonderful ideas and beautiful patterns to stitch for the three lucky people.


Kathy A. said...

Lovely works you have on the go there especially your Snapper piece. Sorry, not interested in PIF - got lots of commitments already.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
Just catching up with my blogging. Your Black Willow Farm is looking great. So is your 12 Blessings of Christmas.
I'm sorry that I can't take part take in your PIF either. I usually only concentrate on my marathon efforts with my samplers LOL.
Boy, you can't move up here today with tourist buses. I think nearly every Pilgrim has hit Katoomba. I wonder if the Pope will come up here. I can just see him going down the Skyway LOL. That place is rolling in the dough today. - Sandra.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your wips are looking great, don't you just love it when they move along at a nice pace!!!

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, me again. If you type into your search engine "Family Search" you should get this web site that is run by the Church of the Laterday Saints in Utah, U.S. They have this huge data base where you can find a lot of info. I found though that I had better success with relies who were around before 1900. It helps though if you know roughly where your family comes from as there are usually a lot of people with the name you are looking for. This one is free site unless you want to purchase CD's of names. Hope this helps.- Sandra.

cathymk said...

I'm over-committed at the moment or I'd be very happy to join in your PIF (I'm really struggling to meet my exchange commitments).
All your stitching is looking lovely! I really like Black Willow Farm - just gorgeous!

Sonda in OR said...

Wow! You've made some really great progress! Red Threads is getting there...

Little Cat said...

Beautiful wips you have there. They're looking great.

I can't join your PIF either. I just don't get enough time to stitch so making gifts would be impossible. I hope you get some takers soon.

tkdchick said...

All of your projects are looking fantastic!

Ranae said...

I love that BWF design. All the WIPS are looking great.
Oh!!I would love to join a PIF or a exchange,
but I get too nervous about sending things off.
I will look for that happy dance.
Take Care!!

nicky said...

Thank-you Suzann, I recieved my prize in the mail today and I love the chart and threads you sent. I enjoy reading your blog and wish you lots of stitching time over the next few weeks.

KaLu said...

awwwww now i want snappbet!
i have been so good about buying more statsh mostly because of my brokenezz lol but because i want to get at least one of my wips finished before i buy anything but
you guys are making it too hard!
so far i have the new lizzie kate's the xmas flip its! now a bunch of LHN and CCN ! and the lizzie kate blessings! its imposibble to stay away!

your wips are looking great! you have made some good progress on all of them
and yes! i would love to be included in your PIF ... i just get so worried because its so hard for me to make it to the post office i always have stuff ready to go out but i can never send it .. im a really bad partner =[

Itching To Stitch said...

All your WIP's look wonderful, but I especially love the Black Willow Farm ;)