Monday, 18 August 2008

Happy Birthday Aurelia!

On Friday my little Chicken, Aurelia, turned two years old. I just can't believe where the time has gone. Only the other day I was washing some of her newborn clothes ready for baby number two and can't remember her ever being that small.

Aurelia - 1 week old

She received so many presents, I think we need to buy a bigger house just to fit them all in. Her favourite gift was this lovely little jumper that her Nan sent her. As soon as she saw it, she just had to wear it. When we went shopping, she had to tell all the shop attendants that it was her new jumper.

On Saturday, she had another major milestone. Aurelia swam on her own with the instructor for most of the lesson. DH just lazed around on the edge of the pool watching her until almost the end of the lesson. If she can keep this up for another few weeks, then it will definitely be time to move up to the next level. This means no Mum or Dad in the pool to cling to, just her and a few other children and the instructor in the big pool.

On Sunday we had a birthday party for Aurelia. It was just a small gathering of family and friends. She was very excited and instructed DH that he had to put balloons around everywhere. I made a simple butter cake and DH very happily decorated the cake as a clock with a little mouse on it. He said he had great fun doing it and I think he did a fantastic job. Again she received so many presents, I just don't know where to put them all. Her favorite gift today is this little egg chair she received from my DB and SIL. She also has a shopping trolley that she is selling fruit from to me and DH. See DH gave her the idea that if she sold him a plastic banana he would give her a dollar to put into her piggy bank. Now all she wants to do is sell me more fruit.


cathymk said...

Happy Birthday Aurelia! What a fantastic cake - looks yummy!!

Beatrice said...

Happy birthday to Aurelia.
I had a look at all your squares. I saw Dani's in person and it is Gorgeous you did a great job!

Lynn said...

A very Happy Birthday to Aurelia!
Once you have kids time really starts to fly doesn't it? Your DH did a lovely job on the cake. Yummy!

Becky K in OK said...

Oh my, that is one gorgeous, happy little girl. You must really enjoy her.

Cheryl said...

Awwww, happy birthday to Aurelia! Cute pictures :)

Little Cat said...

Happy Birthday Aurelia! Looks like she had a great party. Riley is two tomorrow. How did they get that old already? lol.

Congratulations with the swimming too. That's great. Riley hasn't been swimming yet. Another thing I'll be able to do after this darned operation.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Aurelia! What a fun time and that cake looks yummy.


Kajsa said...

Looks like quite a party! That cake turned out so good.

Happy birthday Aurelia!

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, happy belated birthday to Aurelia. She looks lovely in her lovely jumper that her Nan knitted for her. She is very cute.
What a great job your DH has done decorating the cake. I love the mouse.
It looks like a fund time was had by all.
Sorry I am late as I am having back problems and I can't sit at the computer for long periods.
Have a lovely weekend = Sandra.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday Aurelia. Her cake looks wonderful, your DH did a great job. Your wips are looking great and I hope that you are close to getting your car back, what a pain to have had someone run into it when you had only had it for such a short time.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, how are you feeling. How much longer do you have to go now.
Thank you for your kind comments regarding my work.
Both my sons are fine now. The youngest with the broken nose is very lucky that he didn't do too much damage to his self. Nose is still a bit sore but ok.
The eldest who had to have a large cyst removed from his back is going along ok as well. This back is still very sore. I think he has to have the 10 stitches removed this week.
Found these 2 really good site today and yesterday with some lovely freebies. You have to scroll through them to find them but they don't go on forever. The first one is called = Be Stitched Blog - and the other is called- Cross Stitch Happy blog. They both have nice freebies that might be useful to you in your exchanges. - take care =Sandra.