Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The plans have been drawn up

I have been stitching quite a bit this week, but as I am really close to finishing one of my pieces, I thought I might just wait until it's completed to show it to everyone. I have also been stitching on my exchange piece, so I can't show that until it is received.

Today, the most beautiful squares arrived from Margit in Germany. We had both agreed that we would stitch some LHN or CCN designs for each other. Margit has chosen a design from LHN called 'Ladybug Ladybug'. I have been admiring this design for some time, so I am very lucky she stitched it for me. I am not sure what I plan to do with these squares yet, but it will have to be something special. Thank you Margit for these beautifully stitched squares.

I had a lovely day in Sydney the previous weekend, even though it was cold and wet. I didn't end up spoiling myself like I planned, but I did spoil my daughter and husband with gifts. I also was able to purchase some gifts ready for Christmas. The only things I did get myself were some pyjamas for the hospital stay when the baby is born and I used up my gift voucher at the bookstore and bought myself 'Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers' by Jane Greenoff. I thought that this book might come in handy for filling in the gaps on my Me, Myself and I Round Robin.

This weekend I was able to visit 'The Stitching Post', my LNS. I was very pleased, because Karen, the owner of the store was there so we had a nice long chat. I bought myself the Just Nan chart 'When Barbabee Met Bella' and Karen threw in the pre-cut fabric squares. I also purchased two charm packs. The fabrics are such lovely colours and will make excellent backings for pillows and Christmas ornaments.

Finally, I have drawn up some preliminary plans for the Me, Myself and I Round Robin. I have chosen an antique type of design and plan to give the design some perspective by putting the larger homes at the bottom and have them get progressively smaller towards the top. The charts I have chosen for this design are as follows:

  • Pear Orchard Farm - Barrick Samplers
  • Where My Heart Blooms - Blackbird Designs
  • Their Song - Blackbird Designs
  • Hopeful - Carriage House Samplings
  • Fruit of the Spirit - Plum Street Samplers
  • Friendship Sampler - Hillside Samplings
  • Peace - Birds Of A Feather
  • The Good Neighbour - The Drawn Thread
Now all I need to do is draw up the engineer's drawings with all the stitch counts and specifications. I have already chosen to use a plain 32ct linen that I am going to tea dye and have decided for simplicities sake that I will be using DMC threads. They are the easiest to purchase, easy to convert to and easy to wash if absolutely necessary.


Michelle said...

What beautiful squares from Margit. Can't wait to see what you've stitched up..

I love your new things and that book looks like a keeper!


samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, what a bummer. I would like to meet you too. Actually you were lucky that Karen was there. She told me that Brendon would be there on Saturday. They are both enjoying a lovely holiday in NZ at the moment.
What beautiful squares from Margit. I agree they need something really special to finish them off.
Vonna's Me Myself and I RR sounds like fun. I'm sure your sampler will be lovely.
Thank you for your kind comments regarding Elizabeth. I just have to get it framed. With Lois I am using 40ct. The saying that I am currently doing is over 1. Great fun. I usually stitch on 40ct now or if I want to do a sampler over 1 I use 32 ct.
Hope you are going along ok - Take care = Sandra.

Margit said...

Thank you very much for your kind words all over the world ;) I had lots of fun stitching your squares.
Your neighborhood will look very beautiful I bet. Can you still wait to get startet?
Hugs, Margit

Moni said...
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Moni said...

The squares you received from Margie looks wonderful! I am fond of Ladybug Ladybug pattern! I have fallen in love with it after seeing it finished as a "Mattress Pincushion" here:
I ordered it a couple of days ago and now it is on its way .
Your purchases look really lovely! Those pre-cut fabric squares look great for pillows and ornaments!
I cannot wait to admire your sampler! I love all the charts you have choosen.
I cannot wait also to welcome your new baby! Do you already know if he/she will be a boy or a girl?

Lili said...

Lovely squares indeed!
So you're in the me, myself and I round robin? My... Stop tempting me... Your project sounds amazing, I can't wait to see your stitching on it.
Last, but not least, thanks for your kind comment on my blog...
Take care,

Ranae said...

Beautiful sqaures from Margit.
Good Luck on the construction, your designers sound wonderful

Sonda in OR said...

Those are beautiful squares. Your construction plans sound great! Can't wait to see your grand beginning and all the construction thereafter.

Lynn said...

Love those squares from Margit! I've admired this design for a while.
Can't wait to see how your RR pans out. It sounds so interesting!
I would love to get in on this one but just have too much on my plate right now. Perhaps when the new year rolls around things will be better and I can join in.

Itching To Stitch said...

Very pretty squares from Margit ;)