Thursday, 13 November 2008

Fair & Square Round #10

The other day I received two really beautiful squares from Jennifer for Fair & Square Round #10. I love them, because they are really colourful and use plenty of specialty stitches. I think I will finish these as a pinkeep, because a few months ago, I found this awesome ribbon, but didn't know what it could be used for as it was really quite bright. It will match these squares perfectly.

Jennifer also sent me some gorgeous Silkweaver fabric as a baby shower gift.

Thank you so much Jennifer, the squares are perfect and the fabric is beautiful and really appreciated.

Today was my first trip out of the house since Amelie was born and it was quite a pleasant day. First I went to The Stitching Post and met up with Karen. I so rarely get to see Karen as she doesn't work weekends usually and that's when I usually visit. But today being Thursday, we were able to catch up and had a great chat.

I used the gift voucher that Kathy had sent me and purchased the LHN chart 'Strawberry House' and some Crescent Colours threads. Thank you again Kathy, this was a perfect gift.

I also purchased some 34ct cafe au lait legacy linen and 40ct antique white Newcastle linen, Gentle Art Sampler threads and some fabric for Christmas ornaments. Karen also gave me a baby gift of some charm squares. Thank you so much Karen, you are very kind.

After that we went to Scenic World in the Blue Mountains at Katoomba for some lunch. DH then took Aurelia down the Scenic Railway, then a walk through around the valley floor along the Scenic Walk and then back up the The Scenic Cableway. She had a great day and I enjoyed the sunshine for the first time in many weeks.

By the way, I must apologize for not commenting on anyone's blog for a little while. Amelie has been keeping me very busy with her erratic sleeping habits. Most days I feel and look like a zombie, but things are improving slowly. I will try and catch up this week, I hope!


Laura said...

Those are indeed beautiful F&S squares. I'll look forward to seeing your pinkeep finish. Aurelia is adorable, and it looks like you had a wonderful day.

Margit said...

The squares are real nice. I also love the pics that you took. What a beautiful sight!
Have a good day and I hope you feel better soon! :)))

Mylene said...

Lovely squares you received. Beautiful pictures taken, thanks for sharing them.

I've tagged you. Have a look on my blog.

Julianne said...


What cute pictures of your little girl.

Glad to hear that Amelie is moving toward a better schedule.

Beatrice said...

The pictures are so nice to see.
Beautiful scenery.
Look at all of that wonderful fabric and thread. You will be a busy lady for sure.

Petra said...

It looks beautiful there. Lovely scenery. Great stash too.
It felt for me everytime I would get our baby on a schedule something would happen that would throw all my efforts out the window. Hang in always gets better!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a lovely day you had!!!