Sunday, 7 December 2008

Some Stitching pictures At Last!

I was able to finish stitching my square for Cathy for the Little House Needlework RR. I have chosen the design from 'The Harvesters'. This one was a fun one to stitch.

I also heard from Jenn that she has received her squares for Fair and Square Round #10. I decided to use a Christmas design from the Gift Of Stitching Magazine this time round.

Design: Christmas Lace
(from the Gift Of Stitching Magazine, Issue 23 December 2007)
Designer: Ink Circles
Fabric: 32ct Zweigart linen - Ecru
Threads: DMC

Unfortunately I have very little else to show as Amelie has been very unsettled again. She sleeps a little during the day, but from 3pm till midnight, she hardly sleeps at all. We have tried almost every technique to get her to sleep during this time with no success. I have even resorted to letting her sleep in my arms just to get her to rest, but she seems to wake within half an hour of falling asleep every time. They say that things usually get better by three months, so I am hoping that this happens with her as well. On Tuesday she gets her first round of immunisations, so I am sure that Tuesday evening and Wednesday are going to be very trying times.


Cathy B said...

Suzanne - Thank you for stitching on my LHN RR. Looks great! I like your selection!

As soon as I receive from Debbi, I will be sending another one on to you!

Happy Holidays!

Cheryl said...

Your stitching is lovely!
Amelie is such a pretty wee girl, great pciture...sorry to hear about the whole sleep thing though. I really hope things get better soon!

Margit said...

Suzanne, that little lady is sooo cute and I am sure that she will give you time for yourself soon *fingers cross*.
You stitching is amazing! I love your "Harvester". It is very pretty! Also your squares for F&S.
Have a great stressfree Sunday.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
What a bummer that we keep missing each other. Next time you come up especially during the week let me know before hand and I will try and get up there to see you. I usually have trouble though on weekends as my DH usually takes the car to golf.
I usually check my emails around 9.30ish a.m. and leave the computer on for awhile while my sister and I send emails to each other.
Your RR is looking lovely. I love your Harvesters. They look really good among the other pieces.
Yes it is good not to get interupted all the time in having to go and pick my son up from work. Unfortuately for me though is that I have lost the use of the 2nd car. Oh well, thats life.
Amelia is beautiful. What a lovely photo. It's funny how the things we eat can cause so much trouble. I remember I had a lot of trouble with my eldest. Something that I was told that I found worked was to give him camomile tea.You just dunk the tea bag in hot water for a couple of seconds, let the tea cool and give it to them in a bottle. I found that it really worked settle any tummy troubles that they might have. I was also told to have a cup or two of it during the day. It helped me and also the baby was getting it through the milk.
Wet and miserable up her today. Good stitching day LOL. - Sandra.

ak in australia said...

She is so pretty. You must be very tired. Don't know how you are finding any time to sew.
Sorry for not writing for a while, I have been sick, but things are starting to look up and I love having energy again. Give the baby kisses for me. Happy Hugs, Kathy

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your fair and square is just lovely! I'll have to stitch that one up!

Michelle said...

What beautiful stitching and a beautiful baby..


Jenn Entropy said...

Thank you thank you again for the lovely squares. I have them with me today at work with my pile of fabric in hopes that a suitable finishing technique will pop into my head :-). Merry Christmas!