Monday, 5 January 2009

I am trying!

As those who read my blog regularly know, my hands sweat terribly in the hot weather and there is nothing I can do about it. This means I have not been able to stitch very much.

In the few moments of the day when my hands don't sweat I have been stitching on my Lizzie Kate exchange for Hooked On Exchanging, which is most of the way there. I have also started the first biscornu for my Basket Of Biscornu group. I have chosen a Halloween design by Barbara Ana Designs.

I have also coffee dyed my fabric for the Me, Myself and I RR and I now just basting the edges by hand. I must say that I am not really happy with the fabric I have, I was hoping to use 40ct and not 32ct, but I just could not find anyone that stocked it in the brand I wanted. Lakeside linens and R & R Reproduction fabrics are almost impossible to find here in Australia. Here is the layout I have chosen. It's about 337 x 333 stitches in size.

My LHN RR piece seems to have gone missing, so this is disappointing. I am hoping that the lovely lady who has it is just very busy and has not been able to post to the board.

Finally, this is an ornament that I finished for my daughter Aurelia. When stitching the initials, I realised that both my daughters now have the initials AP, so I have to stitch the initials of their first and middle names instead. Amelie's ornament is still awaiting a silver moon charm before I can finish it off.

Design: O Tannenbaum
Designer: Fancy Work (Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue, 2007)
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - Sand
Thread & Beads: DMC, Gloriana, Gentle Art Sampler Threads & Mill Hill beads
Finish: Ornament


Lelia said...

That is a beautiful ornament! Job well done : )

Beatrice said...

I feel so bad about the missing RR...there seems to be an influx of missing RR. I must say that is a sad thing.
Kathy a. Did a beautiful MIRABILIA RR and it's gone missing too.
Your ornie so pretty.
Your MM&I is going to be great I look forward to following this project!

Melissa said...

Your ornament is beautiful. I hope that your LHN RR turns up too. I can't wait to see some of your progress on the MMIRR.

Kathy A. said...

Lovely ornaments for your girls. Sorry you were not able to find the perfect fabric but I think your Neighborhood will be lovely.
Oh no, your RR is missing too. I sent a Mirabilia one that has gone missing too. I feel horrible.

Laura said...

Your ornaments look so lovely. Congrats on the finishing of them. Sorry to hear about the missing RR. Hopefully it will turn up soon, now that the holiday hustle and bustle is behind us.

Ranae said...

Love the beads on the pretty ornament.
Wow! looks like you put a lot of work in your RR blueprint.
Sorry about the sweating and the missing rr, I hope things turn for the good.
I cant wait to see you halloween biscrnu

Margit said...

The ornie is adorable and I sure hope that your RR shows up again!
Did not start stitching on your neighborhood already? But you have a very good lay out! I still cannot decide on where to place everything.
Huggs, Margit

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ornament Suzanne! Just gorgeous!

I'm counting down the days till our air conditioning gets installed (Wednesday!!)

Have you tried the Crewel Gobelin (NSW) for Lakeside Linens? (they were stocking a few colours and are willing to order in (so their website says) I have to admit I've not ordered fabby from them (plenty of other stuff, believe me!!)

Mylene said...

I love the layout you made for your neighborhood piece, looking forward to see update on it.

wow! that's a gorgeous ornament for your DD. Great job.

Hope your RR turn up soon.

Brigitte said...

What a lovely ornament for your daughter. I love this way of finishing.

I do hope that your RR shows up again. It's such a pity when a RR piece goes lost, either with one of the participants or on the postal way. I've experienced that, too.

I'm already very curious to see your start on he MMIRR and what kind of houses you choose.

Moni said...

What a lovely ornament for your daughter! It's so beautiful!
I know what you mean, unfortunately R&R Reproduction and Lakeside Linen are almost impossible to find in Italy, too. Usually I purchase them through US web sites or ebay...
I hope your RR turn up soon, I am so sorry to hear it is missing...
Have a wonderful day! :)

Cheryl said...

Thats a lovely onrie you made!
Such a shame about your RR, mine went missing for ages and ages but the lady who had it did send it on eventually so heres hoping yours will show up too

Sonda in OR said...

That's a lovely ornament. I can sympathize with the sweaty hands thing, although sun/heat is not a problem for us right now. :( Can't wait to see your MM&I piece. I haven't even started planning mine and don't know if I will even get to it this year.

Anonymous said...

De-lurking to say....Crewel Gobelin definitely have Lakeside in 40 count! I was there on Wednesday and Margaret had *lots* of colours. Oh drool!!! FYI, she also has Weeks Dye Works (also in 40ct & others) but no R&R in 40 but does have it in other counts.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
I know, we have had the craziest weather system at the moment. One moment you feel like an ice block melting into a chair and then the next its a wee bit chilly (I actually like the chilly days). There is supposed to be a very big thunderstorm starting up here tomorrow afternoon so watch out for it. I also heard that on Wednesday and Thursday the very hot weather is coming back.
Have you tried the Crewel Goblin for your Lakeside Linens. They have it on their website under Linens.
I have used them for a lot of things that I can't get from our favourite LNS and the service is excellent. If you order something on Monday, we will receive it on Tuesday. I think they are one of our LNS suppliers. (Shhh don't tell anyone).
Hopefully that will be the only snake siteing for the season. They certainly put the wind up one when one finds one. The poor man down the road round a western brown snake behind his TV. It had come into his house via the sliding door that he had left open for his dogs. Now that would be scary.
Your ornament is lovely. You have done an excellent job. Hopefully your RR will turn up. That's one reason I never go into things like that. I know I'm a chicken, but I usually pick such big samplers that usually take up all my time. Hopefully the weather will stay kind to us stitchers - Sandra.

Lynn said...

The ornaments you did for your girls are lovely!
Sorry to hear your RR has gone missing, it must be very disappointing. I would love to participate in one but just don't have the time to commit.

Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty ornaments Suzanne.

I've been looking back at your Christmas photo's of the girls. Aren't they gorgeous! And as for the two rude shoppers, unfortunately I do think that this is the way the human race is going these days. Nobody has time and nobody every apologises anymore. It's sad, but true.


Kajsa said...

You must be worried sick about the missing RR. That's to bad about your hands, I hope it cools down soon.

The ornament is so pretty and I loved the pictures of your cute girls in earlier posts.