Saturday, 28 February 2009

February Update

Well what a busy month this has been, with Amelie's baptism and immunisation. I did get a bit finished, but as most of it is exchanges, I can't show them all until they are received. Daniela did receive the Fair & Square Round #11 squares I stitched for her. Daniela mentioned she liked the Prairie Schooler and loved earthy colours. I forgot to take a photo of them before I posted, so Daniela was kind enough to send me the following photos.

Design: Book #24 - Prairie Birds - Sparrows
Designer: The Prairie Schooler
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - White
Thread: DMC

Earlier this month I visited the Crewel Gobelin after many people recommended it as a place to purchase some Lakeside Linen. Well didn't I go on a shopping spree. I purchased a whole stitcher's half of 40ct Light Exemplar, which should see me through quite a number of projects. I also purchased some 36ct Edinburgh linen and 40ct Newcastle linen. I was also picked up some Needlepoint Silks, Gloriana Silks and some Au Ver A Soie. Then because I just couldn't resist, I also purchased Thank You Sarah Tobias by Blackbird Designs and Isotta's Biscornu by GPA.

I have also completed my February biscornu for the Basket of Biscornu blog. I have chosen a Debbie Draper design and repeated the centre medallion on the back. I decided not to use buttons or beads because it didn't want to cover up the centre medallions.

Design: Spring Flowers (freebie found here)
Designer: Debbie Draper Designs
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - Antique white
Thread: Gloriana Silk - Highland Garden Dark
Finish: Biscornu

Finally, this week is going to be a very busy one. My DH is travelling down to Victoria with the NSW Rural Fire Service to provide assistance to the Victorian firefighters. He will be on a five day deployment and be leaving on Monday. I am very proud of my DH volunteering to do this and take time out from his daily life. I am also a little bit apprehensive because I worry about his safety. He is a very good firefighter and has extensive experience, so that gives me some comfort. I wonder how life will be like for me this week having to look after the two girls on my own, especially seeing Amelie has decided she doesn't want to sleep anymore and then when she does sleep, sleeps in 40 minute blocks.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What a Fantastic Surprise!

The parcel delivery man rang my doorbell early yesterday morning and I was very puzzled as I wasn't really expecting a parcel yet. When I opened it up, I found that it was a gift for the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club that I had missed last year. Rowyn had very kindly volunteered to put a parcel together for me so that I didn't miss out. I am very grateful to her, especially since she is also very busy trying to organise a wedding. Here is what I received.

Rowyn stitched the Lizzie Kate design 'Good Things', which I had been admiring on many other blogs and has finished it into a cute pillow. In the parcel was also some ribbon and trim, buttons, pins for a pinkeep, a clover cutter, a fat quarter of beautiful fabric, some yummy fabric from Kiwi Illusions and a chart from the Workbasket.

Thank you very much Rowyn for this beautiful gift and a thank you to Edgar for organising a replacement person for my birthday gift. I never expected this at all. There are so many wonderful stitchers out there. Thanks!!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Amelie's Baptism

We had Amelie's Baptism on Sunday and it was a wonderful day. Although the day was extremely hot, we managed to fit everyone into our house and keep relatively cool. Amelie was not baptised in the beautiful dress my grandmother made for me when I was baptised, as it was too hot. Instead we had her in a lovely little outfit, but it had to be removed by the end of the ceremony as this was too hot for her as well. The food was good, I really cooked up a storm, and the cake even better. The cake was a continental cake and it was just delicious. It was extra special day as I had a few people come from interstate especially for this occasion.

I managed to get one of my little WIPs out of the way. It's a small scissor fob. I didn't do the specialty stitching around the edge as I had tried the faggot stitch about half a dozen times and after so much frogging out, I gave up and just used plain old back stitching instead.

Design: Stitcher's Journey Fob One
Designer: Lody Steward (Gift Of Stitching Magazine, Issue 33 October 2008)
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - ecru
Thread: DMC and Mill Hill beads
Finish: Scissor Fob

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Another great award!

I have recently been lucky enough to receive another great award. This award is from Michelle and it's a friendship award. Thank you so much Michelle, your friendship is a blessing.

'These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon's of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers. When you pass the award along please include these guidelines.'

I would also like to pass this on to six very special people, whom I consider to be friends. This was hard as I consider so many of you as friends. I am going to pass this on to Kathy, Sandra, Karen, Lynn, Kathy and Beatrice.

PS. I forgot to publish this when I wrote the post, sorry it's been so late.

Monday, 9 February 2009

A Sad Day In Australia's History

This morning on the news I read that at least 108 people have lost their lives in the Victorian bush fires and over 700 homes have been destroyed. I just can't fathom how this could have happened. Having a look at photos of home after home destroyed, roads filled with burnt out cars in which many people lost their lives and townships completely obliterated, I am filled with such sadness and sorrow.

People have lost their lives, their families, their homes, their livelihoods and their communities. I cannot even imagine how these poor people are going to cope. I pray that they can find some peace and comfort and be able to move on with their lives. I know that the entire nation is behind them and is willing to offer whatever assistance is required.

As I go to publish this post the death toll has risen to 126.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Another PIF!

Edited: Jill has happily joined up for this PIF and being the only person to show interest so far is lucky person number one. I have one more position, so if you are still interested please comment on this post only that you would like to join.

I am lucky enough to have been selected by Joan to receive a PIF from her, so I would like to make the same offer on my blog.

If you would like to receive something stitched by me within the next 365 days, please comment on this post only to say that you are interested. I will do a draw on Monday and post the names of the lucky recipients. In return, you must offer to do the same on your blog.

I also have to thank Lynn for the award for my blog. So now I am going to list my five addictions:

1. Getting hugs and kisses from my daughters
2. Stash collecting (Who doesn't)
3. Stitching (No explanation needed!)
4. Coffee (Which I can't drink at the moment)
5. Cheese (I could eat it all day long and then make myself sick)

Now I am not going to pass this on, sorry Lynn. There are so many fabulous blogs out there I just don't have time to choose.