Saturday, 28 February 2009

February Update

Well what a busy month this has been, with Amelie's baptism and immunisation. I did get a bit finished, but as most of it is exchanges, I can't show them all until they are received. Daniela did receive the Fair & Square Round #11 squares I stitched for her. Daniela mentioned she liked the Prairie Schooler and loved earthy colours. I forgot to take a photo of them before I posted, so Daniela was kind enough to send me the following photos.

Design: Book #24 - Prairie Birds - Sparrows
Designer: The Prairie Schooler
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - White
Thread: DMC

Earlier this month I visited the Crewel Gobelin after many people recommended it as a place to purchase some Lakeside Linen. Well didn't I go on a shopping spree. I purchased a whole stitcher's half of 40ct Light Exemplar, which should see me through quite a number of projects. I also purchased some 36ct Edinburgh linen and 40ct Newcastle linen. I was also picked up some Needlepoint Silks, Gloriana Silks and some Au Ver A Soie. Then because I just couldn't resist, I also purchased Thank You Sarah Tobias by Blackbird Designs and Isotta's Biscornu by GPA.

I have also completed my February biscornu for the Basket of Biscornu blog. I have chosen a Debbie Draper design and repeated the centre medallion on the back. I decided not to use buttons or beads because it didn't want to cover up the centre medallions.

Design: Spring Flowers (freebie found here)
Designer: Debbie Draper Designs
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - Antique white
Thread: Gloriana Silk - Highland Garden Dark
Finish: Biscornu

Finally, this week is going to be a very busy one. My DH is travelling down to Victoria with the NSW Rural Fire Service to provide assistance to the Victorian firefighters. He will be on a five day deployment and be leaving on Monday. I am very proud of my DH volunteering to do this and take time out from his daily life. I am also a little bit apprehensive because I worry about his safety. He is a very good firefighter and has extensive experience, so that gives me some comfort. I wonder how life will be like for me this week having to look after the two girls on my own, especially seeing Amelie has decided she doesn't want to sleep anymore and then when she does sleep, sleeps in 40 minute blocks.


Brigitte said...

The PS suares you stitched for F&S are so beautiful. They have so many designs that are perfect for an F&S exchange.
Congratulations on the nice biscornu finish.

Daniela said...

Again, thank you so much for the beautiful squares. I really love them a lot.

Siobhan said...

Beautiful PS squares & biscornu! Lovely stitching. I love the stash haul that you got. I loooooove Lakeside Linens!

I'll be praying for your husband's safety. What a thoughtful sacrifice on both of your parts for him to do that! I am sure you'll manage well while he's gone.

Julianne said...


Your PS squares are really pretty and I love the biscornu that you did. That Gloriana silk that you used it very pretty.

Julianne said...


I should have done a better job of reading your post through before I made my comment.

I want to wish you well with the children in your DH's absence and offer a prayer for his safe return.

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching as always Suzanne!

Wishing your hubby safely home before you know it. Hope the kids don't run you ragged!

Mylene said...

The PS squares you stitched looks great.

Hope all goes well with your DH and you two with the girls.

Susan said...

I love the PS square - very cute!

Your biscornu is lovely - the colors are wonderful!

I'll keep your DH in my thoughts - I hope all goes well with him.

ak in australia said...

I know you are very proud of your husband. I thought he was an engineer. If you would like some help with the babies, I will be up there in a jiffy. My husband traveled alot when our babies were tiny and it can be very hard on the mother. So if you need help, I will come. Your stitching is as beautiful as ever...Kathy BLIG BLOG

Von said...

I know well the worries of seeing a loved one off fighting fires. My dd fought wildfires summer before last and is preparing for this year's fire season. I'm sure your dh will return safely home to you and the kids. :)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Suzanne,

Your Prairie Schooler square is
lovely, and those little birds
so tiny and sweet. Daniela must
be delighted with such a pretty
addition to her collection of

And that biscornu that you stitched
is spectacular!! Not only is the
design beautiful, but the thread
that you used to stitch it is just
gorgeous!!! Those rich, luscious
colours blending into one another
make the design really stand out.
Very, very nice.

My best wishes to your DH as he
and his company travel down to
Victoria to work the fires there.
Will keep them in my thoughts as
they work to help put an end to
this ongoing tragedy.

I saw a picture of the package of wonderful things that Rowyn sent
to you on her blog and greatly admired the Lizzie Kate pillow
that she was kind enough to stitch for you. It is such a cute design, and a very apt verse.

Good luck this week soloing with
the girls. Hope Amelie sleeps a
bit more often.


samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
I'm so glad that you have discovered the Crewel Goblin. Now you can see why it is my 2nd favourite store. I have never been there, but I order quite a lot from them. Mainly things that Karen doesn't have. My tastes have seemed to go into a slightly different direction as I really like the Scarlett Letter charts. I could go berserk just among all those different samplers. I have also been collecting the Needleprint books. After a lot of arm twisting my DH has bought me a few of them. Love the new one. It is beautiful. I find the mail order service experience with them is fantastic. If I order something today it will arrive by post tomorrow. On second thoughts maybe it is just as well that I have never been there.
I love your Fairand Square exchange. I love the little birdhouse. Very cute. I also love how you finished the other side with the cherry on it with your name.
I am sure your DH will be ok. I know that all our guys in the RFS are all extremely well trained and capable of anything, but I like you would also be a bit apprehensive as well if my DH had gone down there. I also think that although it is a lot of hard work when they do go to help out in other states our guys really enjoy the experience. There was talk of my DH going this week as well, but I don't know whether he is going or not. I know that he is extremely busy at work at the moment, so that could have a factor in the situation. You know I still can't believe that they are still burning and at the rate that they are travelling. I went through the area that the Ash Wednesday fires went through in 1983 a few weeks after they went through. It is something that I will never forget.
I hope the girls are being good for you while you are going solo. - Sandra.

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous biscornu - i really love the thread colour you used.
Hope Amelie sleeps more soon - trust me, i can totally sympathise at the moment LOL
Thats so good of you DH, hope all goes ok.

Margit said...

Hi Suzanne, like always I just love your stitchings :)
Also: If you do not mind to much, I gave you an award on my blog because I think that you really deserve it.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
Just saw your lovely message come through.
Glad your DH is on the way home. Mine told me last night that 5 of his brigade were going down tomorrow. Don't know if they are still going.
I don't know if you have seen the Tilda books that Karen has in her shop. There are some beautiful things in them for little girls, or even big girls LOL.
Anyway, this morning while surfing Russian blogs I came across a link to a website that has quite a few Tilda designs that would look lovely in the girls room or even on little bags etc. for them. I'm not very good at linking things but if you go to my website and click onto Mon petite atelier de Tilda and scroll right down you will find them all. There was really cute one that would look lovely on a little bag for Aurelia. - Sandra.

The Scarlett House said...

I saw your exchange on Daniela's blog. Very nice. I hope things go well for you this week.

Kajsa said...

what a pretty biscornu! Prairie Birds are one of my favorite PS leaflets, great square.

I hope everything will go well for your DH, it's hard to not to worry. It's a good thing that he's doing though, those fires are awful.

When I'm stitching these bigger projects like Angel of Winter I'm always bummed with my stitches too. I found that washing the project and giving it a good ironing after I'm done stitching, before beading really helps even the stitches out.

Lili said...

Oh my!
Firefighters are the greatest real heroes I can think of. You must be so proud of him...
I understand that you're worried too. But as you say, he is experienced.
Spending a whole week without him, alone with the two girls must be a raw deal too! I had to live like that for some time and I just couldn't wait for the kids to be in bed... Fortunately, now my DH spends almost all the nights home.
Lovely biscornu. I sure wouldn't have added a button either...
I did buy a JCS ornies from The Crewel Gobelin (online... didn't get a chance to visit personally. Lol!). They did manage to send it to France faster than the US... Great service.
Hugs to you and your babies,