Friday, 6 March 2009

Home Again, Home Again!

I am very happy to report that my DH is safely home again. He had the job of driving the fire truck home. He and a fellow firefighter drove the truck 1200km over the last two days. They were stationed down at Wilson's Promontory, but as weather conditions have improved all NSW Rural Firefighters were stood down and have returned home. Here are a few photos.

I have managed surprisingly well this last week. My Mother and Father have been helping in the evenings giving the girls their baths. The house is spotless, all the chores have been done and I even baked some Banana Bread this morning. Amelie has slept quite well considering what the previous week had been like and Aurelia is now fully potty trained. Yeah!!!

I have been able to stitch heaps this week, but as all of it is either a gift or an exchange, I still can't show any stitching. This is very frustrating! I am also a little concerned that my partner for The Year Long Prairie Schooler Exchange still hasn't received her parcel. I posted it to the UK over two weeks ago and I have not heard anything. From experience, it should take around seven days to arrive. Hope it hasn't gone missing!

My DH took me to CraftFest today. I purchased a whole lot of great items. First off, here is an overall picture of my purchases. I bought some great braid and backing fabric for pinkeeps. Some 32ct and 40ct linen, new scissors, a Q-snap, beads for the girls, a craft tote bag and a Babushka doll for Aurelia.

Scissoroo and Premax scissors. The Scissoroo scissors where two for the price of one (I found a great coupon).

32ct and 40ct linen in colours (from left to right): green cloud, parchment, antique sage, natural 40ct, lemon cloud 40ct, brown cloud.

Pandora bracelets, one for each of the girls. (Aurelia picked them)

Have a good weekend and I hope you get plenty of stitching done!


Chiloe said...

It's great that your husband is home safely ;-)

Isn't it wonderful when the potty training step is done? ;-)

Great stash !!! I love the scissors: I really need to buy some ...

karenv said...

Glad that your husband got back safely and that you coped OK.

Love your new stash!

Nic said...

Suzanne, worry no longer, the exchange is here and I love it, love it, love it! It wasn't the package that was MIA, it was me ... work, uni, family bereavements and a birth have all made this week absolutely crazy and I haven't been near a computer in my 'free' time ...

Thank you so much for the exchange, even my partner said how 'me' it was :o)

I'm glad your husband is home safe and well, the fires sound so frightening.

Rowyn said...

Glad to hear that your DH is safely home again, and that you coped well while he was away.

Love your Scissoroos and your other lovely stash. The Pandora bracelets are gorgeous too.

Siobhan said...

I'm so glad to hear that your DH is back safe & sound. I don't know who looks happier--him or the girls! ;) You must feel so proud, as you should! I'm glad to hear, having read the above comments, that the exchange arrived safe & sound, too! Great stash haul!

Brigitte said...

So good to see that your husband is back safe. The girls and you will be so happy about having him home again.
You were purchasing some wonderful new stash at the Craft Fest. I particularly lobe the colours of the 36ct you got.
Glad to read that your exchnage has arrived at the UK.

Ranae said...

Hooray! Your DH made it back home safely. My dad was a volenteer fireman for 40 years and most of that time he was chief. I am so lucky to have his helmet, antique of course, lol.
Banana bread sounds so good right now, I can smell here it on this rainy day.
I love the fabrics and those scissors. You had a great stash day. Happy weekend!!

Lili said...

Yeah! I'm so happy your DH is back and in good health (though he must be exhausted).
Lovely pic of him with your lovely daughters.
Cool stash... Wow...

Cheryl said...

Thats a lovely pic of daddy with his girls! Glad he is home safe and sound!
Great stash :)

Julianne said...


I'm glad that things went well for you while your DH was away. What a cute picture of them with their daddy.

Great stash!

Margit said...

Hi Suzanne.
Lots of good news from you! I am happy for you that your husband is back home save. That was real sweet of him, to buy all those beautiful things! :)))
Hugs, Margit

Mylene said...

Great picture of your hubby and the girls. Good to hear he's home and safe.

wow! such wonderful stash. Enjoy!!