Sunday, 10 May 2009

I'm a busy girl!

What a week!!! I started Amelie on some pumpkin and pear last week in the the evening as advised by my community nurse, but what a mistake. She went from sleeping well at night, to sleeping in 40 to 80 minute blocks. She had terrible tummy pains, a red raw bottom and I changed so many nappies I think I went through a week's supply in only 3 days. We decided to stick to a tiny bit of baby rice at breakfast the last few days and she is a lot happier. I just don't think her tummy is ready for anything else quite yet and she has only just got the hang of eating off a spoon. As a result of all this drama, mummy has had very little sleep and can't concentrate properly on anything.

May I give you an example. Last Thursday I made a lasagna. The sauce tasted beautiful, the béchamel was perfect, but then my brain went to sleep. I have no idea what I was thinking, but as I layered everything together, after the first two layers of lasagna sheets I forgot to put the remaining sheets in. The result was a very sloppy mess when I served it. The lasagna tasted lovely and the next day it was quite firm and easy to cut, but at the time I could have cried. A whole day's cooking wasted. At least my DH and Aurelia thought it was still great and happily ate it anyway.

I think the severe lack of sleep has attracted frogs to our house, who I swear have taken up residence in my sewing basket. Everything I touch I have to re-stitch several times. I did manage to get my Prairie Schooler exchange stitched and my Blackbirds Design exchange is progressing, but I think I may have been a little too ambitious with this one.

This last week, we have been cleaning out the cupboards and storage areas and I have listed a whole lot of items on eBay. I am really surprised at how well all these items have done. The best part is that me DH says I can keep all the money from the sales to spend on stash. How great is that!

This is what I stitched for my mum for Mother's Day. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, although finishing with Lugana is a bit difficult as you really can't fold back the edges of the fabric.

Design: Summer Flowers Sewing Set - Biscornu
Designer: Lody Steward (Gift of Stitching Magazine, Issue 31 August 2008)
Fabric: 28ct Lugana - Antique White
Thread: DMC
Finish: Biscornu


Daffycat said...

Gorgeous biscornu ~ well done!

Kim B said...

Oh no! Miserable, wakeful, raw bottomed babies are no fun! But your biscornu is a little treasure!

Anonymous said...

Your biscornu is beautiful. I simply love the colors, so vibrant and gorgeous...scrumptious!!!
I'm sorry about the lack of sleep. Can I tell you a secret...this is the very reason we don't have another baby...the lack of sleep was dreadful! Good luck on the eBay auctions! We did a clearing out in our garage and basement...nothing worth money though. ;(

Michelle said...

Your biscornu is so pretty ~ of course everything you do is pretty!

So sorry to hear about the lack of sleep, sore bottoms and frogs! I hope all gets better really soon.

I would love to see what you have on Ebay :)


Lynn said...

Belated Happy Anniversary!
I love your biscornu Suzanne, it's so pretty. I'll bet your Mum loved it!
Poor Amelie! Sore bottoms are no fun for baby or Mom.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your Mom's biscornu is lovely and I am sure the Lasagna tasted great, who cares about sloppy. FYI introduce only one new food at a time for the little one, then you can always pinpoint what is upsetting to them. Give each a few days to settle before a new one. I am a Mimi now I have all this sage advice LOL. CJ ok;-)

Ranae said...

Beautiful biscornu for your mum, I bet she loves it.
Those are the very sought after morel mushrooms, I don't know what's so great about them, lol.
Thanks for asking

Margit said...

Your biscornu is very lovely! I bet you made your mom very happy!

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
Sorry I am a bit late. I keep getting distracted.
Your biscornu is beautiful. I am sure your Mum loved it.
Glad Amelie is getting a lot better.
Definately bring your warm clothes tomorrow. It is really cold up here and the rain. Went down to Penrith to do the shopping and the trip up the mountain was a nightmare. The rain was awful. Accidents everywhere. - Sandra.

Mylene said...

Hello Suzanne, i do hope you were able to catch up on sleep by now and feeling a bit better as well as Amelia.
That's a beautiful biscornu you made for your Mom.

Brigitte said...

What a nice biscornu for your mother. And so glad that your little one is getting better. So you can sleep better by now.
Good luck with your exchnage stitching. Looking forward to seeing what you stitched.

Cheryl said...

Oh my, you must have been exhausted! Poor Amelie too. Hope things have settled down a bit for you.
That biscornu is really beautiful. Such a lot of work in that!

Beatrice said...

Happy belated anniversary sorry i missed it my server has been down.
The biscornu is stunning!!! I'm sure your Mom was impressed with it.

Tammy said...

Beautiful biscornu-just gorgeous! I remember baby days very well and know what it's like to be sleep deprived and not thinking clearly. I used to find items that belonged in the fridge in my dish cabinet, lol!

Lili said...

Oh my. That lasagna thing I can relate to... Lol!
Poor Amelie (and Suzanne...). Sometimes new food is really hard on these little bellies... Our pediatrist made us start with only one different vegetable a day, etc. And I had to balance the menus all the time with banana or apple or carrot for my son's sensitive stomach... Glad it's all over...
Your biscornu is amazing!

WendyJo said...

gorgeous biscournu!

Kajsa said...

I hope you have gotten some more sleep. No wonder if you have a hard time functioning.

Lovely finish, as always!

KaLu said...

oh its so pretty! im sure your mom loved it! ...
pears? my mom is always telling me pear is a laxative, after ignoring her and went thru the same thing you did, alondra hasnt eating pear again lol maybe once she potty trained well and even then who know! ... but glad to see shes feeling better