Monday, 3 August 2009

The slow down...

What a week, it's rushed past so quickly and I don't think I have had a chance to stop. My DH took the week off so he could spend some time with us and we really had a blast. Unfortunately Amelie came down with a fever at the beginning of the week which turned out to be a case of roseola. So I had a spotty princess for a few days.

I had a chance to visit my local patchwork store and picked up a few fabrics. I grabbed some beautiful flannels that I am going to use to finish Amelie's Christmas decoration from last year (I know I am very bad!) Thankfully the lady at the store was able to help me pick out a few fabrics that went together, I am terrible at this part.

On Wednesday we spent the day shopping at some Italian grocery stores where I picked up many, many kilos of pasta and many tins of tomatoes, yummy cheeses and cold meats. We had a lovely lunch of pizza and then yummy gelato and cannoli afterwards. (Sorry no pictures!)

On Thursday I made a trip to my LNS where I met up with Sandra (Sampler Lover's Blog) for the first time. Sandra and I have been keeping in contact for a few years now, but never had a chance to meet until Thursday. Sandra brought along her samplers Elizabeth and Betsy for me and I was so thrilled. It's great to see them on her blog but in real life they are amazing. Her stitching is so precise and these samplers are really intricate. My DH and daughters were very patient as Sandra, Karen (owner of The Stitching Post) and I talked for over an hour. I have to say thank you again Sandra for making the time to meet up with me, especially at such short notice. Whilst there, I couldn't leave without a small purchase, so I picked up the two latest Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers, a few threads and some ground walnut shells.

After that visit, we went for a lovely trip down the scenic railway and did a little bush walking. It's great to be walking in the fresh air, where it is nice and quiet, except for a almost three year old who has to give a running commentary on everything she sees. I think the whole of the Jamison Valley also heard about everything she saw. At least both the girls had a lot of fun and both slept pretty well on the way home.


Kim B said...

You must have had a blast doing some shopping! And what beautiful pictures!!

Cheryl said...

Thats great you had a great family week together! Im looking forward to my DH taking a week off next month. Love those pictures and hmmm pizza i could do with a slice right now

Linda said...

How fun your week was...and neat to meet a fellow stitcher. Love the pictures.

Your gifts in the last post are so pretty...I like them both...such nice work. So sorry about the scissor problem...I have no idea what caused the there any change of a return or exchange? hugs, Linda

Ranae said...

You had a wonderful family weekend.
Nice photo's

KaLu said...

sounds like a fun week!
i have a 2½ year old that does the same tells me everything she sees english and spanish ... so its double the pain lol

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
Sorry I'm late as ever. It was lovely to met you as well. Your little girls are lovely. I'm glad that you had such a lovely time up here.
I'm feeling a lot better, thank goodness, although I don't think it has fully gone away. - Sandra.

Brigitte said...

Those pictures are fun. They remind me of the times when we went hiking in the mountains while our kids were still little. DH always had to carry our youngest son until he was able to walk for a longer time. It was always a lot of fun for all of us.