Monday, 28 September 2009

Dust, Dust Everywhere!

This last week has not been a good week for us. The two girls and myself have all suffered the effects of a very nasty stomach flu that has been going around. We are all better now, but I tell you it really knocked me flat for a few days.

As the title of this post suggests, it's been very dusty around here this week. Not from renovations and not from a lack of house cleaning (although we won't discuss this topic). We have had some very unusual weather conditions, which has meant that red dust has blown from halfway across the country, leaving a red film over everything. Last Wednesday morning, this is the scene we woke up to.

I was able to clean most of the dust off the timber blinds and windowsills until we had another dust storm on Saturday morning. Not as bad as the last one, but enough to leave more dust around the place. Looks like a very busy week of cleaning and dusting!

During the week I also received my Friends Through Thread exchange from Nancy. She made this beautiful pinkeep/scissor & needle holder and a little bag that it can slide into. It's very cute! Nancy also spoiled me with all those other wonderful goodies. Thank you Nancy, this was a wonderful exchange and I really love the whole package you put together.

PS. If you remember I had a problem with a few pairs of Scissoroo scissors rusting? Well I contacted the company that they are made for and distributes them. They sent new ones out and even sent a prepaid envelope for me to send the rusty ones back. Now how's that for service!


Ranae said...

What a wonderful exchange package.
That's great news and service for those rusty scissors.
Is the dust orange?
I know this might sound silly, are you by a desert? is that where it comes from?

Tammy said...

Wow that is a great exchange!! That dust is scary to look at, we don't get those kind of storms in Ontario


Angela P said...

I saw the dust storm on our news and wow that is a little scary! Love the exchange you rec'd and the needlebook you made in your last post is just awesome :) Love the different pages for the sizes of needles.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, that dust is unreal. Been watching on the news!
That is a gorgeous needlebook. What a great idea to make a little pocket to carry it in.

Margit said...

I hope that you completely recover soon!
That dust storm is bad! I just hope it will not return.
That exchange is GREAT!
I am very happy for you that they exchanged your scissors. Good service!

Andrea said...

Saw the dust storm on the news. Weird. Great news about your scissors, some companys do care. A great exchange too.

Cheryl said...

The dust storms over there made UK news, how bizarre. Must be very uncomfortable...the news showed people walking around the city covering their mouths

KaLu said...

wow! it does look soooo red! ... we had issues a few weeks back with the fires in California but it wasnt red it was just gray

great exchange!

Siobhan said...

Wow!! I don't envy you, having to clean up all the left overs from that dust. :P

Your exchange package is wonderful! Lucky you. :)

I hope you and the girls are on the mend--the flu is terrible!

Pike said...

I have hearing about your "red dust" on the news... Doesn't feel great, I'm sure.
Great exchange!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow dusty red! I would hate all the cleaning afterwards! Great exchange!

Michelle said...

Oh, that dust looks terrible to have to clean up.. I feel for ya!

Your exchange gift is so pretty and all the extras too! That's great the company exchanged the scissors for you.


Beatrice said...

Wow interesting picture of the red dust. Nasty stuff no doubt.
I hope all is well now after all that cleaning up!

What a lovely exchange you have there. Nice idea to have it's own little bag!!!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Dust storms are horrible, two in one week is just not fair. We have gone through our share when we lived in Deniliquin, NSW. We missed these ones as we are in SE Vic now.

Margaret said...

We have been seeing your dust storms on TV here in Europe. Apparently it makes for some beautiful skies but oh my - what a lot of work it must take to remove all that dust.

What a lovely exchange you received.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lili said...

It looks unreal and beautiful, but thinking of all the hard work to get rid of this dust makes me shiver...
Those bugs can be nasty. I hope the three of you have fully recovered now. It's always worrying with young children...
A great exchange!
Your needlebook in the 17th september post is just awesome. I might steal this idea... ;)))
I also have a pair of scissoroos and they're just great. I'm very proud of them because we're not that many to have one around here in France...
Hugs to you and the girls!

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
What a great exchange to receive. You do received some love things in your exchanges.
That dust storm was terrible wasn't it. I even came down your way that morning chasing trains lol. It was pretty bad.
I can't get over the fact that Amelies is nearly 1. My goodness that time has flown by fast. - Sandra.

Lynn said...

wow, I don't think I've ever seen pictures of a dust storm before. Do you usually get a warning well enough in advance of its arrival? I can't imagine all the cleanup involved. Poor you!

Deb said...

I'm sorry to hear that everyone had the flu. Stomache flu has just about got to be the worse thing to have. Glad to hear that everyone is doing better.

And the exchange piece your received is very, very nice!