Monday, 14 September 2009

The New Laundry

What a busy week it has been, stitching, washing, ironing and cleaning. With the laundry having been completed, I had to catch up on two weeks of washing and ironing (well the washing has been, the ironing is a work in progress). All the renovations have put so much dust around the house and it took some time to clean it all away.

I am so pleased with my new laundry, it's so much bigger and brighter, the photos don't do it justice as they were taken on a dark gloomy morning. The painting has not been finished as we are still waiting for the render to dry.

I have finished stitching Lisa's RR and it was a lot of fun. For those who were interested, it's the River Fish Sampler from the magazine Cross Quick Dec/Jan 1989. I stitched the three top most fish.

I have also finished stitching the first section of my Emblem Of Love RR. I have decided to stitch the multicolour version using Gentle Art Sampler Threads, DMC and Olde Willow Stitchery. I have left off the dedication and the date and will fill them in when it's complete. I am not quite sure what I will do with each of these parts yet.

I also completed and posted a small gift for Cathy. Cathy sent me a button to finish my baby sampler a year ago and shame on me, it's taken this long to get a thank you to her. I stitched this little scissor fob over one for her, but what a challenge to finish it. Once I had stitched the little pillow together, I had an interesting time turning it the right way round. I am really pleased how it turned out though.

Design: Floral Bookmark (freebie)
Designer: The Prairie Schooler
Fabric: 28ct Cashel Linen - White
Thread: DMC
Finish: Scissor Fob


Brigitte said...

Your little gift for Kathy looks so pretty. A nice idea for finishing it.
Lisa will love your addition to her RR. It looks really nice.

cathymk said...

I got a card for parcel pickup in my letter box this evening - I bet it is the fob! It's gorgeous - can't wait to see it in real life - hopefully boss willing I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow.

Love your new laundry - looks very nice indeed.

Susan said...

I love your new laundry! I've been living in houses for the past 17 years that have just had rooms for washer/dryer in a closet; my new house has a full laundry - it's not as nice as yours, but it's wonderful to have a "full" laundry!

I love the fob you stitched for Cathy.

Becky K in OK said...

What a great looking laundry room. Wish I had room for one in my place! Very nice stitched pieces.

Mylene said...

That's a great laundry room!
Lovely scissor fob you've made for Cathy.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, great laundry room. I am so jealous. I have to go out to do laundry.
That is a lovely fob you stitched for Cathy.

Ranae said...

I am so jealous right now, lol
The laundry room looks beatiful clean and sparkly. We have the same cabinet handles picked out for our cabinets, well they are not paid for yet anyway, lol.
The gift for Cathy is sweet

valerie said...

Congrats on the new laundry room. Great contribution to the RR and what a darling little fob for Cathy!

Lisa said...

Suzanne, I received the robin back yesterday, thank you soo much for what you stitched for me, it has turned out fab.
I love your laundry, thats a room in our place that is on the list to be done aswell. We had our kitchen finished up on the weekend, just have to do the splashback tiling and painting now. I know the feeling about the dust!

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,

Your new laundry looks wonderful. I can see why you are so pleased.
Wonderful collection of work. I have the Emblem of Love in one of my rooms. Love your version of it. - Sandra.

KaLu said...

great laundry room! ... at home we just have a small place for the washer and dryer ... i bet my mom would love a whooole room for all her laundry knick knacks ...

all your stitching looks lovely ... i like the color choices for emblem of love

Kim B said...

your laundry room looks AMAZING!!!!!! And your stitching is lovely as always :)

Carol R said...

Wish I had a laundry room - in fact I'd quite like a stitching room too!

Your RR is absolutely gorgeous - I can't wait to stitch on this - I now wish I had gone with a multicolour version!

The fob you made for Cathy is very pretty - lucky Cathy! I always finish my ornaments from the outside to avoid having to turn inside out.

Lynn said...

Your new laundry room looks fantastic Suzanne! I bet you're glad that everything is getting back to normal. Our kitchen renovations still haven't started. We're waiting on the contractor at this point.
I love all your recent finishes but especially that little fob. It's so pretty!