Monday, 2 November 2009

Much Loved

Sadly on Thursday my beautiful and kind Grandmother very suddenly and unexpectantly passed away. She was found collapsed in her home. I feel very sad for my father and his brother and sisters as both of their parents have passed away. I also feel sad for my girls because they won't get to really know their grandmother.

I have been thinking about her and trying to recall memories of spending time with her. They all seem to revolve around food and eating. She was the most amazing cook and would put on wonderful lunches and dinners for everyone. I fondly remember in the middle of winter standing at the stove, stirring the polenta for dinner. The wood stove going for both warmth and cooking. I also remember her spending many hours teaching me how to knit and do tapestries. She would also very patiently listen to me practice my piano lessons on her piano.

I remember my grandmother taking me shopping, to the zoo, to the city and to the local Italian clubs on a Sunday for lunch. I have so many great memories of long driving holidays to see relatives interstate, picnics on cold misty days in the Blue Mountains, picking chestnuts and the yummy food served at each and every gathering.

My Grandmother was so proud of her family. She had seven grandchildren, saw four of them get married and had two great-grand daughters. My Grandmother was the kindest, most loving, selfless person I have ever met. I know that she is in heaven at my Grandfather's side smiling down on us and watching over us.