Saturday, 26 December 2009

Pre-Christmas High & a Post Christmas Low

The week prior to the Christmas week my DH was home for a little holiday before Christmas. We had a fun time and took Aurelia horse riding. She was lead around on a horse for 10 minutes, but she was a real natural moving around quite comfortably with the horse.

We also went for a picnic and a little walk down to the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. I took Amelie in the backpack with me and my DH walked with Aurelia. As you can see from the photo, the steps are quite steep, but she happily walked down and back up on her own.

Aurelia and I spent some time during the week before Christmas baking. We made some clove and almond shortbread, espresso shortbread, cranberry and almond cantucci and a Christmas fruit cake. These were for my parents as a Christmas gift. They have so many things, we just didn't know what to buy them, so we thought a whole bunch of baked goods would go down a treat and they did!

Next my Little House Needlework RR has returned. I would like to thank all the wonderful ladies who stitched on my piece and made it look so beautiful. So a big thank you goes to Nicki, who organised the RR, Cathy, Melissa, Joan, Julianne, Joanne and Debbie (even though she was too sick to finish). Here is a photo of how the RR returned to me, it looks great doesn't it!

Nicki had my RR for a little while and as an apology sent me all this wonderful stash. It was completely unnecessary as I knew that my RR was in safe hands, but I really do appreciate it as the fabric, threads, ribbon and pattern are all items that I can really use.

This year I took the opportunity to shop at the Black Friday sales and with the great bargains going, couldn't resist the opportunity to enhance my stash. Similar to Kathy, I have a "naughty clicky finger" as well. This is what I purchased at the first ONS. Lots of Carriage House Samplings and Birds Of A Feather designs and lots of Weeks Dye Works threads and Gentle Arts threads to build my collection. Oh and how can I forget the 2009 JCS ornament issue.

I made a visit to the local quilting store and stocked up on some great backing fabrics. My favourite piece I found was this great piece released for the anniversary of the moon landing, with which I am going to make something for Aurelia.

Finally I made a visit to the local chain store craft store and stocked up on some gingham fabric which I have plans for next year, some ribbon and scrapbooking card which has been put to great use making ribbon holders.

I had seen on Tempus Fugit blog these great ribbon and lace holders which she had covered in fabric. I downloaded the template from Sarah's blog and I gave it a go and found mine were a complete disaster. Instead I decided to use the scrapbooking card to line a thick piece of card on both sides. The card is acid free and doesn't rub off onto fabric and is perfect for the job. It certainly makes it much easier to store lots of ribbon and looks quite pretty. Maybe one day when I have a little more patience and time I will give the fabric ones a go again.

Here are a few photos of the girls on Christmas day and the yummy dessert I prepared for my Mum's lunch, it's a Choc-Cherry Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake.

You are probably wondering the post Christmas low? For almost a week I had my in-laws visiting. It was a busy five days of running around, keeping up with the household chores, feeding the children and entertaining and feeding the guests. I was so busy preparing meals and cleaning up after everyone each day, that this week I have no energy left. The kids have had their routines completely disrupted and have gone silly and are driving me nuts. I feel drained and unenthusiastic. I think I need to buy some more stash and do lots of stitching.


Ranae said...

Oh! I love the RR, I would love to join one someday, but I stitch backwards then everyone else.
Aurelia looks so natural on the horse, I think that is good for kids to experience.
I love, love all your stitching and fabric stash wow! Can I come over and fondle?! lol

The ribbon holders are a great idea I think the card is just as good then the fabric covered.
The girls are adorable and the cake looks to die for, yummy!!!
I hope your routine gets back in order soon
Happy Stitching 2010!!!

Rowyn said...

What gorgeous pics of your beautiful girls!

I love the look of your Choc-Cherry Tiramisu (and all your other baking). Mmmm! I bet it tasted good.

Your naughty clicky finger sure was good to you. lol. What a great load of stash.

I hope your girls give you a breather soon so you can make a start on your stash. It certainly sounds like you have been very, very busy.

Kathy A. said...

Oh my goodness girl! Thank you for the lovely holiday photos. The girls look sooo happy. all that wonderful baking is making my mouth water.
And the next time DH says I have too much stash I'm gonna show him this post on your blog LOL. I'm flattered BTW

Nic said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday snaps - and your stash pics!

I've stitched three of the BOAF charts you have in your stash, and have another one to do - they are gorgeous when they are completed, the colours are just lovely! I hope you have as much fun with them as I did!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Suzanne it looks liek you had a great adventure with your family, and everyone looks so happy and beatiful on Christmas!

Your RR looks great and what stash you got!

Cheryl said...

Your girls are gorgeous!
I am drooling over all that lovely baking, im hungry!
Great stash and fabric!
I hope things get back to normal soon x

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
Your daughters photos are really gorgeous. They are certainly growing up into such lovely little girls.
Hey, I had a go the other day at making those thread holders. I made 2 and used a piece of pink toile that I have. Well, they came out ok, but they could be better, but I was happy with my first attempt. I have put my threads that I have for my Beatrix Potter on it.
What a great collection of stash and fabric.
Before I go have a happy New Year. - Sandra.

Mylene said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls.

WOW! Such great stash and fabric.

Happy New Year and Best wishes in 2010!

Susan said...

I cam totally related to how you feel about your guests - I had my in-laws staying with me for 2 weeks at the end of Novmber.

I love your LHN RR! It's beautiful.

Great stash!

Daffycat said...

What a lovely Christmas!

Gorgeous stash! Isn't it fun to treat yourself?

Jackie said...

Yummy goodies and yummy stash acquisition!

What are you going to start first?

Jan said...

The girls are so adorable! And what mighty delicious looking baked goods for your parents' gifts!!

Hope that you get rested up soon and your kids get back to their routine. This too shall pass!

Laura said...

Your baked goods look delicious! And I love your LHN RR! Now kick back and enjoy your stitching time.

Brigitte said...

Your pictures are great and particularly the ones showing food make my mouth water. But I was drooling even more about your new stash. CHS and BOAF charts, plenty of them, what a treat. You were doing some great shopping.
I hope that you got a couple of relaxing days in.

Kajsa said...

Great pictures, your girls are so cute and they have grown so much!

Nice stashing! Seems like you got a lot of nice stuff.

Lili said...

ROFL! Sorry, your conclusion on this article is too funny. But I understand how tired you must be and how tiring the kids can be then...

Love the RR, the stash, and above all, the yummy gifts for your parents. Very appropriate, I think. ;)))

Looking at your 2009 achievements, I also felt that there was too little for yourself, Suzanne. Your stitching will be keepsakes for your family in a few dozen years. So I believe you need to think a little of yourself too. ;)
Take care, sweetie.

Brook said...

Oh wow Suzanne, you are SO giving me that tiramisu recipe! I have one for a tiramisu icecream, but not with cherries, I like that idea. I hope by now you and the girls have recovered from after Christmas! Amelie looks just gorgeous now she's all grown up. I don't know how you have the time to do all that stitching and cooking, I don't cook anywhere near as much any more since I have my new job it's very sad!