Sunday, 10 January 2010

First Finishes for 2010 and the Travelling Pattern Giveaway!

I can't believe it, I'm on a role. I just pulled some WIP's out and decided that it was time to get some finished and as a reward started two new projects.

Design: My Needle and My Floss
Designer: Waxing Moon Designs
Fabric: 40ct Sew-It-All linen - Lemon cloud
Thread: Weeks Dye Works

Sonda sent me this design and set it up as another Travelling Pattern. Now that I have completed her, I would like to make the offer on my blog, so that someone can become the third recipient of this lovely design. If you would like the opportunity to receive this travelling pattern, please leave a comment on this post only indicating that you would like to receive this pattern. I will draw a name on Tuesday 26th January.

Design: Flax Fields
Designer: Carriage House Samplings
Fabric: 40ct R&R Reproductions - Sheep's Straw
Thread: Gloriana and Needlepoint Silks

Design: The Sampling
Designer: Bent Creek
Fabric: 32ct R&R Reproductions - Houseblend
Thread: Weeks Dye Works and DMC

I have made a new start for the year. It's Rites of Spring by Blackbird Designs. I received it all kitted up as a gift from Petra last year for participating in her daily trivia quiz. I have never stitched on Wichelt linen before, and despite the fabric being all out of shape, it's not too bad to stitch on. I am used to a very soft type of linen, but the only thing I have found with this fabric is that I need to change the tension of stitches to be a little more loose. I think I may just have to use this fabric again in the future.

Sandra has been tempting me with this beautiful sampler called 'Hannah Lancaster' by The Porcupine Collection. I have never stitched a sampler before and after seeing all of Sandra's beautiful samplers, what else could a girl do? I just couldn't resist any longer, so I pulled out some 40ct linen and the called for DMC threads and started stitching. I figured if I started with the most boring part, the house, I have interesting parts to look forward to. Although I stitched all day, progress is slow. If bricklayers laid bricks at the rate I am stitching them, the house would take a hundred years to build.

I pulled out my Red Thread piece by Bent Creek and finished another square. The design is 'Picnic'. I am officially over the halfway mark. Sadly I didn't even touch this piece last year, so that's all a bit sad, but I do hope to stitch more of it this year.

That's all my stitching for now. My bathroom renovations start on Friday and because of the access into the bathroom, the girls cannot be left on their own to play in the lounge room as the front door will be open all the time to allow access to the builders. Although the way out will be blocked, I am sure it won't take either of them long to work out how to get out of the lounge room and out the front door. This means that I am going to have to sit with them and sew and supervise. What a terrible shame, two weeks of sitting and sewing. It's a difficult job, but I think I am up to the task.

This morning we started to remove the wallpaper from our bedroom. I am not too keen on the colour scheme, (and yes, that is three different types of wall paper) it's more appropriate for an older style of home, which ours isn't. As you can see from the photo, both of the girls helped remove the paper from the wall. Amelie thought it was a hoot and put her whole body into getting that wallpaper down. Who knows, maybe they feel the same way about the paper as I do. The rail on the wall is coming out and we will be painting the walls ecru, which will match the colour scheme for our bathroom perfectly and the timber work a slightly darker shade. Can't wait till it's all over!

Finally I will leave you with photos of what my daughter ate for dinner the other night. I made a really yummy vegetarian chili and this is what she ate. Rice on bread!!!


Shay said...

I just love the Flax Fields....the blues look amazing! You where very busy I see!

Kim B said...

Beautiful finishes! You are definitely on a roll! And I love your other projects! Good luck with the renovations!!

Jackie said...

What a way to start the new year! A couple of beautiful finishes and a couple of new starts!

Kids....when they're that young, it's hard to figure out their eating habits.

And look how neatly she put the rice on the bread!

Nic said...

You have some lovely finishes there!

Let's see if I can tempt the "sister" to visit the UK ;o)

nic DOTwray AT gmail DOT com

KarenV said...

What lovely finishes! You've been really busy. Your WIPs are looking good too, nice progress.

Jill said...

Those Flax Fields are beautiful. Such nice bold colors. Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the great comment! Happy Stitching!

Margit said...

OMG! You've done a lot of phantastic stitching again! I still have not started on my "My Needle and My Floss", and after seeing your I feel real guilty *smile*.

Linda said...

What a sweet stitch. A prefect finish to begin the new year. I have this design in my stash and hope to do it this year. Love all the other pieces you are working on...hugs, Linda

Marie-P said...

Congrats on your finish..I have the My Needle and My Floss pattern and have been anxious to stitch it.
You do have quite a few projects started!

Ohhhh, can be so crazy living through all of that but I an sure it will be beautiful when completed.

Edda said...

I would love to be included in the drawing. My e-mail is

Danielle said...

I love that Waxing Moon design--I don't think I've seen it before. I wish I were on a roll, too. I have been looking at UFOs and contemplating finishing something! Lovely starts!

Mylene said...

WOW! You sure been busy, such beautiful finishes and new designs started.
Goddluck with all the renovations.

Would like to join in the draw, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy

Good luck with the remo
I ould love to be entered

Crazee4books said...

Hi Suzanne,

There's lots going on around your
home these days, both stitching
and decorating wise eh? So many
wonderful finishes and so many
intriguing starts or continuations.

My Needle and My Floss is a sweet
and pretty design and I wish that
I had time to stitch it myself.
Flaxfields is very striking for
such a simple design thanks to
the gorgeous blue threads used on
it and the way that the designer
uses them. The Sampling looks
like it's very small in size. I
love the little star buttons.

Very nice starts on Rites of
Spring (lovely colors in it so
far) and Hannah Lancaster and
her sturdy brick dwelling. Good
idea starting with the boring
stuff first. I'm not familiar
with this sampler so look forward
to seeing your progress on it.

I suspect that the Red Thread
piece will be a pretty fast
stitch since it's such a simple
design but the question is will
it hold your interest when it
has such competition as Rites
of Spring and Hannah Lancaster??
Hope so because it's cute.

Don't you just love home
renovations and all the joys
that come with it?? Of course
you do! As do we all! Ha!
Hang in there Suzanne. It'll
be over and done with before
you know it and will be well
worth the dust, the chaos and
the insanity. Especially with
such sweet, diligent little
helpers pitching in. Hope you
made sure that they understand
the difference between wall
paper that you want to be taken
down and wall paper that should
be left in place. :)

Can't say that rice on bread
tickles my fancy, so I'll have
the vegetarian chili please.

Which reminds me, thank you
for the link to the recipe for
Clove & Almond Shortbread. I've
got it marked for future use.


Nancy said...

Congratulations on finishing your WIPs! Flax Fields is gorgeous - I love the blue! Best of luck with your renovations. I have been through that and am still going through that. It can be hard, but you will have a beautiful end result!

Lelia said...

Goodness! Quite a post : ) Lovely stitching & good luck with the decorating.

Another traveling pattern? Kewl! sign me up : )

leliaevelyn (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Good idea to start another travelling pattern! PLease add my name to the list :)


Annette said...

Beautiful work! I love the color in Flax Fields.. gorgeous blues.

I would love to host The Traveller in Arizona :)

Jenni said...

Stunning finishes! How do you find time to do it all with kids? You must be superwoman! :)
I would love to be included for a chance at the My Needle My Thread. I have admired this pattern for a long time.
Thank you for the chance.


tinabarbour said...

Please include me in the drawing.... Thanks!!!!!

KaLu said...

i love love love the colors on flax fields! congrats on the your finishes looks like you started the year right =D ...

Youre half way done on you red thread!! i say u finish it it is really beautiful in the end, i havent framed mine but i do still love it

Have fun with the renovations looks like the girls are enjoying them so far =D

Diane said...

Very pretty finishes and starts.

I would love to be entered for the travelling pattern draw.

Good for you starting those girls on home improvement early!

stitchinfiend said...

Flax fields is gorgeous beautiful colours. Please put my name now for the travelling stitcher paterrn.

Ranae said...

Wow! You have some amazing things done and in progress. I love the flax fields the colors are fantastico
Nice start on the BBD.
Good Luck on the walls, I can't wait to see what you do with them.
\Take care!!

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
Some lovely finishes there. It is also good to see Hannah from another prespective. I always think the border is boring lol. Don't know why I didn't start in the middle like I always do.
Love the photo of the girls. Amelie is really getting into it lol. Your job for next week sounds just perfect. - Sandra.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Woo Hooo Susan you're on a roll! Keep stitching girl they all look great!~

Einschies blog said...

I also would love to get this pattern because it´s on my wishlist for a long time meanwhile...

Suzanne you did a lot of great stitching lately...and I had to laugh seeing your girls remove the had to assist them really good later not to do that again with the new papers;-)))


Chars said...

Beautiful stitching :)

I would love to participate in the travelling stitcher - please pop my name into the hat -

Kat said...

What lovely stitching! Please enter me into your drawing - I'd love to stitch it! Thanks for the chance

Mayté said...

I would be thrilled to be a part of the traveling sisterhood. Please enter me!

Myrna said...

Love the 'Flax Fields'! Of course, I am partial to anything blue!

And, please enter me in your draw... I would love to be a part of this patterns travels.

Vicki in CO said...

Your stitching is all lovely! I'd really love to join the Sisterhood. It would be great if you sent her to visit me in the U.S. in the beautiful State of Colorado!

Cheryl said...

Please enter me for the travelling pattern :) Lovely stitchy pics.
That is so funny about the rice on typical eh?!

Shari said...

oh my goodness! I found your blog via a post on blogging stitchers group. Wow, you have so many gorgeous things going on!!! And I had to laugh about your little girl eating rice on bread, even thou you had fixed a great meal!!!!!
I would love to be entered in the traveling stitcher drawing! I have admired that pattern a LONG time!

Vanessa said...

OH yes Please 'traveling sisterhood' come and visit me in Upstate NY where it will be warm inside, a nice cup of tea and stitching to keep sane!

Susan said...

I would love to have the opportunity to host the travelling stitcher. Please include me in your drawing.

LOL at the picture of your girls helping with the wallpaper removal!

Lili said...

Oh I love all the stitching here!!!
I would've loved this veggy chili and it's very funny to see that your DD and mine actually do the same with toasts and rice -anything to not eat red or green food here... Lol!
Your daughters are a very helpful bunch!!! I think tearing the paper off the walls with my daughter is my fav part in redecorating. Though the cats are very helpful in that too... even when redecorating in not scheduled... :(((
Take care, Suzanne,

Anonymous said...

You've had some great finishes lately, they all look lovely :) Had to laugh at your daughter with rice on bread ... good for a giggle this morning! If it's OK I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for the Sisterhood :)

Rowyn said...

I love all your finishes Suzanne. The blues in Flax Fields are so vibrant - beautiful!

Oh my gosh, your daughters look soo cute pulling wallpaper off the wall :-)

Mmmm, I bet that rice sandwich was yummy. LOL

I look forward to seeing your Rites of Spring progress, it's such a pretty design.

Kajsa said...

Goodness, you have gotten a lot done. Everything looks great! Renovations are a pain but so worth it!

I'm stitching on Spring Rites again tonight. I did put a picture up just now but that's before tonights stitching.