Thursday, 18 February 2010

Another Step Closer!

Yes, another step closer to having all the renovations completed. My ensuite has been completed and I can't tell you how happy I am with it. My DH hasn't finished painting the timber work due to the high humidity, but the rest is completed. Once he has finished, hopefully this weekend, I need to give it all a thorough clean and then we can use it. This will be the first time we will have used this bathroom in the almost nine years we have lived in the house.

Also after almost nine years of living with an internal sliding door in our bedroom, we finally have a wall. How great is this, two bare walls waiting on some needlework to adorn it. My DH has been working so hard to get all the painting work done. His next job is to paint our bedroom and then we can finally move back in. My mattress is on the floor in the lounge room, which is also the children's play room. It has become their trampoline and I am sick of finding pieces of Lego and plastic animals in the bed each night.

I received three beautiful scissors which I purchased from Yuko this week and I decided that my scissor collection was much too nice to hide away in a draw. Taking inspiration from Vonna, I made myself a scissor display board. I have hung all my scissors and scissor fobs on the board, but have not hung it on the wall yet. After asking my DH to hang it, he pointed out the fact there was no carpet installed below where I wanted to hang it and he is concerned that if they fall off they will be ruined on the concrete floor. How considerate of him, it would probably not have occurred to me until it was too late.

I did get a chance to stitch over this last week, so here is my progress on my projects. I have spent so much time this week frogging out what I have stitched, it's very disappointing.

Hannah Lancaster - By The Porcupine Collection (SAL with Sandra)

Rites Of Spring - By Blackbird Designs (SAL with Kajsa and Ranae)

Blackbird Designs Mystery Bonus Sampler - Part 1 (SAL with Danielle)

Finally, here is my Little House Needlework RR. I have started to add the border in the top left corner, but I am not sure that it's enough or even the right border to use. What do you think, should I frog this one out and find a different border or add something else around the outside edge of this one? Whatever I choose must be from one of the Little House Needleworks Designs.


Kathy A. said...

Lovely progress on the bathroom. I know what you mean about your bed. We have slept on a mattress in our son's office for several years. The grandson's however know that when Gramma and Poppa are visiting jumping on the bed is a no-no. One time we were packing to go home and Jack asked if they could jump on the bed now. It caused lots of laughs.
I love the border you have selected. it matches the colors and leaves on your right hand tree.

Melissa said...

It's nice to know your renovations are coming to a close! I've lived through one and I can feel your pain!

At least you are still stitching and you've got lots of lovely things in progress! Lovely collection of scissors too!

Rowyn said...

Congrats on the renovations, your bathroom looks VERY flash!

I love your scissor board. If I had more scissors (I only have two pairs) I'd be inspired to make one myself. Your DH is a keeper if he's worried about your scissors getting damaged. :-)

Mylene said...

Good to hear your renovations are near completion.
Beautiful progres made on all your WIP's.
WOW! Your scissor board looks great and such beautiful collection.

Cheryl said...

I really like the border!
Glad the renovations are nearly complete so you can get things back to normality.
Failing miserably with my chore rota :(

KarenV said...

Glad that the remodel is nearly done. It must be a nightmare living with the house all upside down!

You're stitching some lovely projects and I like the border you've chosen for your RR

Vonna said...

Wow...your RR looks stunning with that border!
And the remodel...awww Mom had a remodel when I was still in residence there...UGH! But it will be gorgeous once all complete!
Your scissors board and collection is very nice!

The Scarlett House said...

Your renovations are going to be really wonderful. I got quite a chuckle out of you finding Legos in your bed each night. Looking foward to seeing the finished product for both the remodeling and your stitching.

Danielle said...

We need to do some renovations in our house, but it's too cold right now to even think of it! I've started in the same place on the BBD mystery sampler--and have started working to the right--so no bird yet and a couple more letters. I hope to post a pic tonight. Lovely work on your other projects! This has been a bad stitching week for me--no time, so I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Ranae said...

What a beautiful bathroom.
Your WIP's are looking great.
I regret that I never did start Rites, I just had too much gong on.
I love the RR, I am green with envy.
No More Frogging!!!!

Jackie said...

I LOVE the design features in your bathroom! Great vanity and sink and I love the decorative tile in the shower. You've made wonderful choices.

I like the border you're using on your RR. Do you think you might like it more once your block is finished?

Love seeing all your WIPs!

Margaret said...

I love all your WIPs! And your bathroom -- lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- it's always nice to find a fellow stitcher!

Karen said...

The bathroom looks great, love the sink! It's so exciting updating the house, isn't it? I just wish it didn't take so much time! We have a few projects in the works for years now... (sigh)

Siobhan said...

Suzanne, wow!! I love your ensuite, it looks great. You must be so thrilled with it! And a wall just begging for needlework. ;) Love your WIPs!

Margit said...

Your bathroom has such a wonderful elegant touch! It turned out beautiful! Your husband did a great job!!!
Like always, I LOVE your stitching. My favorite of course is your LHN-RR! I bet you hardly can wait till it's finished. ;)

KaLu said...

oh my the renovations are looking great! i cant believe you had to spent 9 years without using that bathroom!
Your stitching looks great too . it sucks that you had to frog out your work ... it pisses me off when i have to do it i just think of all the time i just spent on it im sure we're all the same =]

Sorry I Havent gotten back to you about the thread everytime i try to reply something happens and i just close my phone thinking ill do it next time and never do! ... but the color is called orchid its like a really pale pink

Hope you hubby and your gorgeous girls are doing well =]

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful bathroom reno. I love that sink! Your scissor collection looks fantastic - and how sweet is your dh to think about it being safe!? Great wips - I like the border you have on the LHN piece.

Lynn said...

The bathroom looks great Suzanne!
You must be so pleased. Won't it be great when everything is finally completed and back to normal? I found it so stressful when we were living in our back bedroom while our renovations were being completed.
I love your choice of border on the LHN RR. I wouldn't change it at all. I have Rites of Spring in my stash too. It's such a pretty piece.

Brigitte said...

Suzanne, you have some great projects on the go. And a great collection of scissors. How thoughtful of your husband to warn you about them falling on the floor and being ruined. I have always been looking for such a flower frog but couldn't find any so I asked my husband to make me one of wood. Just a block of wood with some holes in it to put the scissors in. I hope it will work.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Suzanne what a stunning and ultra modern bathroom! I love it!

Love the idea of the scissor board mine are all tucked away hidden from the world.

All of your projects are looking lovely.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Suzanne,

Wow!!! Your ensuite's new look is
stunning!! Love that wonderful big
shower stall and the clean look of
the tile on the floor and on the
walls. That floating vanity and
sink are awesome, and that towel
rack is to die for. We don't have
room anywhere for a towel rack in
our bathroom so I'm jealous.

Congratulations to your DH for
doing such an amazing job. Do
you think he'd like to try some
renovations on another house...
say somewhere in Canada perhaps?

I must say, your DH is quite the
busy guy. Sealing up that door
space in your bedroom as well as
working on the bathroom. I can
just imagine that big wall covered
in Blackbird Designs samplers,
can't you???

I remember when we had the whole
upstairs level of our house
painted and new carpet laid etc
about four years ago. We had
our mattress in the den and slept
there for almost two months. The
house was a mess and impossible
to clean. What a nightmare.

Love your new scissors board!
It looks fabulous. That's a
very pretty fabric that you
chose as the background and the
black frame finishes it all off
quite nicely. Pretty scissor
collection by the way.

All your stitching projects
are looking great. You have
my condolences regarding the
frogging. Those pesky
amphibians must have hopped
over to your place after
causing chaos here last week.
Sorry about that.

I do like the border that you
stitched on your LHN RR. You
don't want a border that's too
heavy and draws your eye away
from the squares. LHN projects
always have such pretty borders
though, so it's hard to choose
one in particular for a project
like this. Does this border
make you happy or does it bug


Despina said...

your scissor collection is beautiful. And your stitching is coming along lovely!

Kajsa said...

Wow, great bathroom! I bet you can't wait to get the house back.

Your stitching is beautiful, Rites of Spring is coming along nicely! That circle was almost the end of me, not looking forward to the next one. Great way to display the scissors!

Chiloe said...

Your bathroom looks huge !!! You must be so happy it's almost done !!!

You know I have my bed in my bedroom and my kids keep thinking it's a great playground ... grrrrrrrrrr !

Love your progress ;-)

Michelle said...

You have some great projects ~ love the Rites of Spring. I love your scissor collection!

Bathroom remodels are fun, huh?