Saturday, 27 March 2010

I am a slacker

I was shocked this morning to read that Kathy of Carriage House Samplings will no longer be designing and as of the end of the year her charts will no longer be available. Kathy's Black Willow Farm was the first chart for linen I ever purchased and I have completely fallen in love with her designs. I have slowly been collecting her charts, but I still have a long list on my wish list I want to still purchase. Perhaps I can make a few more purchases as the year goes on. Even though I am really sad and disappointed, I wish Kathy luck on her future endeavours.

Now why am I a slacker, well I have been meaning to post for the last week and a half and just couldn't get my act together. I have been stitching as much as time would permit, but I have been spending most of my time getting my house in order and my garden tidied up ready for Easter. With the new pergola going up, the garden was left in a mess, with the grass trampled and leaves and dirt everywhere. I purchased my DH a pressure cleaner on the weekend and he has been cleaning all my paving. I never realised how dirty the pavers were until they were cleaned, it's a job we really should have done a long time ago.

Here is my progress on my current WIP's. First of all is Rites of Spring by Blackbird Designs and as you can see I am don't have too much more to go, I figure perhaps two weeks and it will be done.

Next up is The Mystery Bonus Sampler Part 1 by Blackbird Designs. I am really enjoying stitching this one and can't wait for the next part.

Finally, here is Hannah Lancaster by The Porcupine Collection. Although I spend a lot of time stitching on her, there never seems to be much progress. I have really fallen in love with stitching samplers and can see many more in the future.

Now here is another reason that I have been such a slacker. Both Margaret and Lynn gave me awards, but I haven't acknowledged them on my blog. Sorry Margaret and Lynn, I do appreciate being nominated, so here it is.

Now for ten things you may not know about me.

  1. I am obsessed with organisation. I love to make lists, have all my things sorted. I can't stand when a set has something missing and will spend hours searching until it is found.
  2. I have a passion for cooking. When I renovated the kitchen, I spent way more than I should have and installed the best appliances that I could afford and had a cabinet built especially for my collection of cook books and cooking magazines. I have enough dinner plates and cutlery to feed a small army.
  3. My favourite part of the day is after the children have gone to bed and I can sit and sew in peace in front of the TV. I am usually in a very bad mood if I don't get to do this.
  4. I hate the hot weather or even warm weather for that matter. I would prefer to have very cold weather all year round.
  5. I love growing phalaenopsis orchids and have three beautiful specimens. I hope to add to my collection over time, but these are another expensive hobby.
  6. I hate shopping, except stash shopping. I hate clothes shopping so much, I haven't updated or renewed my wardrobe for over five years. I pick up only what I desperately need and that's all. Although this year I think my hand has been forced, with many of my clothes looking very daggy and falling apart.
  7. I have a break in my collarbone which I discovered one day and have no idea how I did it.
  8. I am scared of seaweed, so I don't go swimming in the sea or where I can't see the bottom. I was particularly frightened when I went snorkeling with my DH.
  9. When I was young, I was a very good short distance runner, but never pursued this particular talent.
  10. I can play the piano, although I don't have one and haven't touched one for a very long time.

I know that I am supposed to pass this award on, but this time I am just going to have to pass on it, I know I'm a slacker!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Firstly thank you for all the kind comments and emails about my sick family. Thankfully everyone is doing well and back to their usual selves. I can happily say that I avoided this bout of illness which is a good thing. On the other hand, I cut my ring finger quite badly while chopping up pumpkin. I was trying to rush and well I sliced right into the tip of my finger. I looks quite bad and yucky, but I think it should be OK. I have disinfected it and bandaged it and now I can only hope it heals up well. What I am most thankful for is that it's not my stitching finger!

Becky has received the pinkeep I made her for the Friends Through Thread pinkeep exchange. I thought I would try something different and make a scissor/needle pocket at the back. After a few attempts at sewing the lace on, I am really happy with the way it all turned out.

Design: Alphabet Tree (old freebie no longer available)
Designer: Blue Ribbon Designs
Fabric: 28ct Cashel linen - White
Thread: Thread Gatherer Silk N' Colors - Royalty
Finish: Pinkeep with scissor pocket

I have also been able to get my portion of Wendy Jo's RR completed for the Emblem of Love RR. It's stitched over one using Crescent Colours Wavy Navy. This was a pleasure to stitch as it's quite different from mine. I stitched the swan motif and the bird in the apple tree motif.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Just Nan's Lady Scarlet's Secret Garden Kit

I am kicking myself silly as I have just missed out on purchasing Just Nan's Lady Scarlet's Secret Garden Kit on eBay. I have been looking for this one everywhere and I was outbid at the last moment. I was wondering if anyone had this kit in their stash that they would be willing to sell. I am prepared to pay good money for it and will pay all postage and handling costs. If anyone can help, could you please email me.
Thanks for the good wishes for my children and DH's health. Aurelia is well and happy, but Amelie is miserable and not sleeping at all. My DH is not much better, but at least I am feeling well still. Finger's crossed that I remain feeling well.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sick Kids!

All last week Aurelia was sick, not with one bug, but two. She had a high fever for three days and was as miserable as can be. Her fever disappeared for a day and a half and then came back, but with a cold this time. She is feeling better this week though. This week it seems it is Amelie and my DH's turn. So far I seem to be OK apart from feeling a little tired. I have hardly been able to get anything done. I did manage to finish and post my Friends Through Thread exchange. I tried something a little different this time and I am really excited at how it turned out.

On the weekend my DH took down our pergola out the back. Hopefully next week they will be putting the new one up. Unfortunately this means that my back garden and my house are a mess. I just wish all this work would come to a finish soon.

On Monday the postman delivered a lovely pinkeep from Jill. She stitched me some motifs from the Sarah Tobias book by Blackbird Designs. I love this design particularly and it goes beautifully with the long pillow I received from Joan a while back. I am disappointed with our postal service though. It took over ten days to reach me from the US. This time last year it was only taking five days at the most. Thank you Jill for the beautiful pinkeep!

The only stitching I have managed apart from the exchange this last week has been my Rites Of Spring by Blackbird Designs. I have now stitched just a little over half way and I am really pleased at how it looks.