Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Rites Of Spring!

Although we are well into our autumn here I have finished Rites Of Spring by Blackbird Designs that I was stitching with Kajsa. I am quite pleased with how this one has turned out and will make another lovely addition to my planned sampler wall. I have already kitted up my next project of Margaret Pence, but want to finish stitching on Margaret's RR before I start.

Design: Loose Feathers Pattern 30 - Rites Of Spring
Designer: Blackbird Designs
Fabric: 30ct R & R Reproductions linen - Irish Creme
Thread: Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Arts

I also stitched the following design for my friend Sandra. Sandra has become a good friend and I thought it would be nice to send her a little pinkeep as a thank you.

Design: Savior Faire
Designer: Blackbird Designs
Fabric: 32ct Sew It All linen - Green Cloud
Thread: DMC, Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Arts
Finish: Pinkeep

I suppose I should show you my progress on my other pieces as well. I have stitched quite a considerable amount on Hannah Lancaster, but I have put her aside for a while because I stitched almost the whole Easter weekend on her.

Here is my Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler Part One. I think I should be able to get this one finished this weekend if I work hard enough.

Last weekend I pulled out some wool and decided to crochet Amelie a winter hat. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, although my flower on the side is a little bit odd looking. It looks a little like someone pulled some of the petals off.


Melissa said...

Congrats on the finish! I see lots of lovely stitching, as usual. I haven't seen Hannah yet so will have to go search out the design.

That hat you made is really cute, but not as cute as the wearer! Look at those big beautiful eyes!

Margaret said...

How beautiful that hat is! But even more beautiful is the little girl wearing it. :D Amelie is so adorable! Love your BBD finish and your BBD WIP too! I email with Sandra and she mentioned the wonderful present you sent -- I know she really loves it!

Susan said...

Your finish is beautiful, Suzanne, and you're making great progress on your other pieces.

Amelie looks adorable in that little crocheted hat. Congratulations on the finish!

Jackie said...

What an adorable hat and it looks like she loves it too! I like the flower.

Wonderful stitching progress! I'm sure Sandra was thrilled to receive the thank you gift you sent her. Gorgeous!

Lee said...

Oh. My. Gosh. What a beautiful little girl! Your stitching and crocheting are both lovely, but she takes the cake.

Teresa S. said...

It is so exciting to see someone else starting one that is in my drawer all kitted and ready to go-the BBD mystery!
The finishing is just beautiful on the pinkeep--but your little girl is the cutest thing on your post. :)

Farm Girl said...

Love your finishes, very pretty. Even prettier is your little girl though - what a cutie! Love the hat too!

Kathy A. said...

Rites of Spring is a lovely finish. Congratulations. And another piece almost finished - way to go!
Your pinkeep is wonderful - love that backing fabric.
And cute - just too cute with those big eyes and that darling hat!

KarenV said...

Lovely finishes Suzanne and your WIPs look great. Amelie looks adorable in her cute hat :)

Mylene said...

Beautiful picture of Amelie with the crocheted hat.

Congrats on a gorgeous finish and the lovely pinkeep for your friend.

Love the BBD sampler you're working on, it will look great when finish.

Lynn said...

Such a cute picture of Amelie in her little hat. I think you did a great job!
All your WIP are looking good and you must be so pleased with your Rites of Spring finish. Seeing yours done makes me want to get mine out and get started.
Love that little pinkeep too!

The Scarlett House said...

Wow, you've been busy. Everything looks wonderful. I'm sure Sandra will love her gift. Isn't she a sweetie? I can't wait to see more of Hannah Lancaster. I'm planning to stitch her eventually, but for now, I'll enjoy your progress.
Amelie looks adorable in her cute little hat. I think you did a great job on it.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congratulations! Rite of Spring looks fantastic! So does the lovely pinkeep you stitched and finished for your friend.

You've made wonderful progress on your other WIPS.

Your daughter is just adorable!!!

Margit said...

Like always Suzanne, your stitching and finishes are adorable! I LOVE your BDD stitchings and the crochet hat for Amelia is very lovely. She looks sooo cute!!!

Sally said...

Both your BBD pieces are gorgeous and your WIPs are lovely. You always stitch very pretty pieces.

Love the piccie of Amelia! That hat is so sweet!

Margaret said...

A beautiful finish Suzanne. What can be prettier than spring?
Looking forward to seeing more of Hannah Lancaster.
Amelia looks so sweet in her pretty new hat.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
I am absolutely thrilled with my pinkeep. It is so beautiful. I keep taking it out and admiring it.
Wow, you have done great progress on your Hannah. I haven't done any for 3 weeks, but the next time I post I will put where I have got up to.
Well, what can I say about Amelia. Beautiful little girl like her big Sister. You did a wonderful job on the hat. - Sandra.

Lili said...

Isn't she sweet?
I love your stitching.
Although I know you're in Australia, it took me some time to grasp the reason why you said you were in autumn and Rites of spring was out of the season. Well for you... Lol!

Siobhan said...

Your daughter is SO sweet!! I love the hat--great job.

Your stitching--oh my goodness! Each WIP is wonderful. I love your Rites of Spring finish. I wasn't sure if I wanted to stitch it when it first came out but I love it more & more every time I see it. The pinkeep that you did for Sandra turned out so nicely, too

Danielle said...

I love Rites of Spring--lovely colors. And you have made great progress on the Mystery Sampler. I'm not quite as far as you are--I will share a photo this weekend. I'm a terrible SAL partner, I'm sorry. I spent a bunch of stitching time doing a few finishes and now am off on my WIPs. I'll try and catch up--will see what I can manage this weekend. Anyway, keep going, yours looks great!

Carol R said...

Rites of Spring is lovely and Iove your progress on Hannah!

Aemlie looks really sweet in her new hat!

Brigitte said...

Congratulations on finishing Rites of Spring. and the little pinkeep. You still have some very pretty WIPs on the go, so I think you won't get bored with your stitching.

Jaimie said...

That is the sweetest little hat. You are a woman of many gifts! Congrats on the finish! Another beautiful one!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Suzanne,

It's always nice to drop by
someone's blog and see a lovely, newly completed project featured
right at the beginning of the post.
Your Rites of Spring turned out wonderfully well with it's pretty Spring colors. This is such a
great design.

The little pin keep that you made
for your friend Sandra is lovely
too. No doubt she'll be delighted
with it.

You're making good progress with
your Hannah Lancaster sampler too.
It looks like a lovely design to
stitch with all the potted flowers
and the garden scene, complete with

I love the colors that you're
using to stitch the alphabet on
the BBD mystery sampler. This
design looks like it'll compliment
Rites of Spring quite nicely when
it's done.

That's a cute little hat that you
knitted for Amelie. The flower
looks just fine to me, and Amelie
makes an adorable model. Pretty in
pink indeed.

I love going to fairs such as
your Sydney Royal Easter Show.
We have The Royal Winter Fair
in Toronto, and of course in
the Fall there are all kinds of
Fall fairs all over the province.
I always enjoy seeing the animals, and the crafts and cooking
displays are incredible.

Look at that spectacular Ink Circles (isn't it???) design
that won the top prize. Holy
Cow!! There are a lot of very talented ladies (and gents?) submitting their craft work for judging. It must have been
awesome to see those pieces
in person.

We're in the midst of a truly
awesome Spring here weather
wise. Hope your Autumn is just
as wonderful.