Monday, 3 May 2010

M.I.A and Giant Giveaway (Picture Heavy Post)

I know, I know, I have been a bad blogger...

The last few weeks have been crazy with new carpet installation, building furniture and sick children. I have done some stitching, but it hasn't been very much.

Last week we had new carpet installed in our office and my craft room, which is such a relief. The floor feels so much warmer and cleaner! We also took a trip to Ikea, where we had to leave the children behind with my parents so that we had enough room in the car to take everything home. We purchased some new office furniture and best of all, I purchased new furniture for my craft room. I decided to go with Ikea's kitchen furniture and what an improvement it has made. All my craft stuff is organised in draws and boxes and can be easily found.

Several weeks ago I had finished stitching Margaret's RR, but had delayed the posting because of the airline issues. Nobody wants an RR to go missing! As it turned out, I ended up posting late, but not due to the airline issues, but because I just got too caught up with everything else going on. Anyway, here is a photo of Margaret's RR, only one more section to stitch.

We have all had the most horrible cold for the last few weeks. We had sore throats that lasted a week and now still the have the blocked noses and sinuses. I wish it would just go away!

My long forgotten crochet hooks made a show again these last few weeks. I crocheted Aurelia a cute little hat, but she stretched it so big, it almost looks silly on her. I used a French mohair/acrylic blend that's very soft and fluffy but a pain to crochet with.

Design: Vintage Rose Cap
Designer: My Little City Girl
Fibre: Welcomme - Le Super Mohair

I also tried my hand at making a wash cloth. This was very quick, easy and fun and I see lots more in the future as soon as I can find some more cotton or bamboo fibres.

Design: Washboard Dishcloth
Designer: The Crochet Cottage by Priscilla Hewitt
Fibre: Cleckheaton Natural Cotton 8ply


Whilst cleaning up my craft room, I have come across some charts and magazines that I would like to share with you all. There is nothing complicated to this giveaway and is open to everyone. Just leave a comment of which charts you would like and then I will draw names for each of these charts on the 15th May. Sorry, these are charts only and I don't have any supplies left for any of the kits or if I do, I don't know where they have disappeared to.

Teddy Bear's Reunion

Angel Of Harmony

Holly Days Stocking

Amish Rainbow Quilt

Country Bouquet

I Love My Garden

Classic Kimono

Floral Artistry - Summer

Hugga Bears

Patons 14Ply Chunky Knit Pattern

Lanarte - Flower Vase


Celebrations in Cross Stitch - Cards


Jackie said...

I love Margaret's RR. The red is just wonderful. Congrats on the new craft room furniture. I have the same kitchen island. I use it for a cutting table for sewing. Not a day goes by that I don't just love it.

Margaret said...

OMG! I love what you did with your stitching room! It's wonderful! I especially love that piece with the white drawers with see-through openings. Wow! I wonder if IKEA in the US has that piece. Your crochet pieces are beautiful, but Aurelia is even more so -- what a cutie she is! Thanks for the giveaway -- I need to cut down so I won't be entering for anything. lol!

Berit said...

OMG how I love Ikea!!

Both of your crochet pieces look great--couldn't choose a favorite! :)

Lynn said...

Your stitching room has really come together nicely. Isn't it great when you can finally find things?
Margaret's RR is such a rich shade of red, I love it.
Thank you so much for such a generous giveaway. I'm going to pass this time. I'm in the process of sorting through my own right now. Hmmmm,it seems I have a bit much!

Pike said...

Your room is looking great! Now to the giveaway: please put my name for
- celerations in cross stitch cards
- Lanarte's Flower vase and
- Holly Days Stocking

Thanks in advance :)

Pirjo from Finland

Melissa said...

Oh, I have that same drawer/island unit. I love it even though it was (and still is) pricey. Isn't it great to get so organized! Yours look great!

Your little girl looks so cute...and the hat too!

I will pass on the charts. I'm sure you will find good homes for them.

KarenV said...

Your craft room looks wonderful Suzanne! I also like the unit with the clear drawers - perfect for holding stash :) I love IKEA for craft storage - I'm planning on picking up a few bits soon for my own stitching room.

I love your crochet dishcloth and the hat - and Aurelia - are adorable :)

Little Cat said...

Wow, your craft room looks great! You picked out the perfect furniture for it. Love those pieces.

What a lovely hat. Such a shame it's stretched out of shape. said...

Your RR is lovely! Your craft room looks so nice. Which floss are those hanging?
Please enter me in the Classic Kimono giveaway.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your craft room looks wonderful. You have been busy, is that the end of tv renovations? Could you please enter me for the Iris pattern, thanks Suzanne.

Julianne said...


Wow, you have been busy! Your craft room and the children's play area look so neat and best of all it will be easy to keep them that way. What a great feeling to be so well organized! I need to do the same.

Sorry to hear you've all been sick but I hope the worst of it is behind you now.

Ranae said...

I love the craft room, nice job!
Aurelia, look at her cute as a button. The crocheted items are wonderful. The RR is red is so pretty.
I will pass on the charts, I have way too many now, lol
Hope you all get feeling better

Anonymous said...

Love how organized your room is.
I'm still working on mine.
Cute crochet hat and the model is a sweetie.
Love the chart Lanarte Flower vase please include me in your draw.
Beaj from SMO

Margit said...

*bigsmile* Your craft room is about the size of my apartment!!! I bet you really love it!
The RR is sooo lovely! The red colors look very good with the quaker motifs.
I hope that your colds are getting better very soon and Aurelia looks sooo cute with the little hat.
You know, I wanted to do one of these wash clothes for a while also. They look rather easy to do, I hope.
Hope you get well soon!

PennyB said...

I'm so jealous of your craft room. You're so organized!! I'm going from a craft room to a craft corner as we're downsizing to a smaller house. Hopefully, I can fit everything! That being said, I just can't say no to patterns. I would love to be entered into the:

Classic Kimono
Hugga Bears
Teddy Bear's Reunion

Hope you are all feeling better. Aurelia is a real cutie!!


Dani - tkdchick said...

I absolutely love the set of drawers you got for your craft room and its so fuctional too as a work surface. Hmmm wonder if we have that at Ikea in Canada. That is just so ideal and looks GREAT!

Glad to hear that the work on the house is settling down!

That RR looks great.

About Me.... said...

I LOVE your craft room!!!!
I would like to be entered for:
Flower Vase
Thank you!!!!!

Chiloe said...

I love the hat (and the cute model ♥ so sweet !!!)

You are so lucky to have a room just for you .

Please enter me in your giveaway for the Lanarte flower vase, I love my garden and the teddy bear reunion. Thanks ♥

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne,
Your craft room looks wonderful and I love how you have kitted it out.
Beautiful photo of Aurelia. She is such a beautiful little girl.
Margarets RR is looking wonderful. - Sandra.

cathymk said...

Love your new setup Suzanne! Very nice.
Lovely stitching on the RR too!

Chantal said...

You did a great job on your room . I wish that i had sutch a room .

Can you include me for the Amish Rainbow quilt pattern ?

Greetings from Belgium

Cheryl said...

Oooh your craft room looks great! How i would love a craft room! Was at ikea the other day...recognise your purchases LOL

Siobhan said...

Margaret's RR looks so nice! And Aurelia--what a cutie patootie. She looks fantastic in that hat--great job! Great job, too, on your craft room. You must be so pleased to have it all sorted.

Thanks for the opportunity, but I'll pass on the giveaways. :)

Mylene said...

What a beautiful picture of Aurelia and well done on the crocheted hat.

WOW! Your craft room looks great.

Lili said...

Just passing by to with you a happy mother's day, Suzanne.

KaLu - Claudia said...

I just wanna go to your house and stay in your stitchy room forever!!!!

Marie-P said...

Your daughter is adorable! :)
What a great craft room, I love all the shelving and bins.
Very nice job on Margaret's RR.

Hope that you are all feeling better soon.

Beatrice said...

Wow you are so organized in your craft room, Lovely!!!

Susan said...

I love your crafting room, and what an inspired idea to use kitchen cabinetry from IKEA - it all looks wonderful!

I love the crocheted dischloth!

Brigitte said...

Your craft room looks fantastic. I'd like to move in immediately, lol. I have the same IKEA shelves in my study, there's nothing better for me.
Such a sweet picture of your sweet little girl.