Sunday, 20 June 2010

Can you hear the crickets chirping........

It's been a bit like that over the last few weeks on my blog. I have been busy of sorts. Not really sure what I have been doing, but busy enough that blogging has been neglected and my stitching time has been limited to evenings.

Last weekend, we took the girls for a bush walk to Wentworth Falls to see the Empress Falls. Aurelia being the champion that she is, walked all the way to the bottom on her own. It's quite a big walk with lots of steep stairs. Her favourite part was walking across the stepping stones on the waterfall. My DH is an avid photographer and took some great photos of the waterfall.

This weekend, my DH took me and the girls to the Craft Show in the city. I had an awesome day, firstly I was able to look at all the stands on my own, my DH took care of the girls. Secondly I was able to purchase some great items. The photos below show the overall purchase and then a close up of the kits from The Gift Of Stitching.

The first is all the materials I need to complete the ten part Hardanger course, the second is a kit for the fob, needlebook and bag from Midsummer Nights Designs and finally the last is an Elizabethan Blackwork jacket and stand. I have loved this project since the first time I saw it, although when the time for construction comes I am sure that I will regret my decision. I am going to do a little practice with some blackwork before I make a start and practice a few of the finishing stitches first. When I do come to construction, I figure if I take my time and don't rush, it should come out like the picture.

I have been putting a little stitching into Hannah Lancaster and she is growing slowly. Some motifs can be pretty tedious and I am glad that I am not stitching on her everyday.

I made a good start on the next part of the Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler. The fabric is a little out of shape, but I hope that it won't affect the piece once it is stitched together.

Finally, I have made a start on Margaret Pence by The Goode Huswife, but I have frogged it out three times already so I put it away in disgust. Maybe I will make a new start again this week.

I will leave you with a photo of the potholder I sent Carol. It was a lovely piece to crochet.

Design: Scalloped Potholder
Designer: Priscilla Hewitt
Thread: Panda - Regal 4 Ply Cotton - Natural
Finish: Potholder