Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Little Stitching

I can finally show some finishing I have completed recently. The first is a pinkeep I stitched for Nic in the Hooked On Exchanging For The Birds exchange.

Design: Wee Rooster
Designer: Heart In Hand
Fabric: 36ct Sew-It-All linen - Brown Cloud
Thread: DMC
Finish: Pinkeep

One last little push and here is my very first hardanger piece completed and finished into a needlebook. It wasn't anywhere near as hard as I thought and once I got over the fear that I was cutting the fabric so close to the stitching, it was a breeze.

Design: Beginner's Hardanger Course (HC101, HC102, HC103)
Designer: Meg Shinall (The Gift Of Stitching Magazine Issues, 51 April 2010, 52 May 2010 & 53 June 2010)
Fabric: 20ct linen - cream
Thread: Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread
Finish: Needlebook

Here is a cute little pillow that my MIL stitched for me on my birthday.

My DH gave me some money to make a purchase of some items from my favourite ONS. I made this order and I am now just waiting for items to come in. I have picked up some threads, Blackbird designs charts and a few JCS issues, including the ornament issue. Can't wait till it all arrives! On a sad note, my DH had to leave for Japan for work on my birthday. He will only be gone for 10 days, but I must say that I have been a little on the lonely side and the girls and I are missing him. On the upside, the house is spotlessly clean and I am super up to date with all my household chores.


Peggy Lee said...

Beautiful pinkeeeps Suzanne!
I've never tried Hardanger but I really want to learn how.
My son and his wife like roosters and chickens...I might try do that one for them.
My hubby left for work too but I could only stand to be away from him for 2 weeks or so....I drove 12 hours to get to him!
Having a clean house is nice though, huh?

Margaret said...

I love the exchange piece you made! And the hardanger -- congratulations! it's good to hear it's not as hard as you thought. I have to try it out. Nice present you received as well! Happy belated birthday! Bummer about your DH being gone on your birthday though -- and for 10 days! Hopefully your birthday order will come and cheer you up.

Vonna said...

What a gorgeous piece you stitched and finished for the exchange! Wow it is perfect in every way :)

Deborah said...

All your pieces are just lovely! the hardanger piece is wonderful.

KarenV said...

Love your Wee Rooster finish, you did a wonderful job of both the stitching and the finishing :)

Your Hardanger needlebook is very pretty too as is the pillow your MIL made. Happy belated birthday - I hope your new stash makes up a tiny bit for your DH being away :)

April Mechelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday ! Finishes are great ! I love the Heart In Hand. I may have to look for that chart to stitch. Sorry you hubby had to leave on his B-day. Keep Stitching and sharing with us!!!

Von said...

Congrats on finishing your first hardanger project!! It's beautiful! I hope others will be inspired to give hardanger a try. :)

Lelia said...

I can't find your e-mail. I didn't turn the fabric inside out. I just sorta pinched the linens together & stitched them shut. I will try to take a close up of the edge - you will see it is a loosley done, large, elongated cross sttich. And it came out fine. I stitched most of it & then added stuffing -- stitched shut from the side.

Lynn said...

Your rooster pinkeep is adorable!
Good job on the hardanger piece too. I tried this once during a course and was terrified when it came to the cutting. Your needlebook is so pretty though and inspires me to give it another try.

Brigitte said...

Happy belated Birthday to you! The anticipation about getting new stash will help you a bit for not your husband being away on your birthday.
You stitched and finished two very nice pieces. That needlebook looks terrific.

Sally said...

Love your pinkeep and your hardanger is beautiful.

What a lovely gift from your MIL.

Happy Belated Birthday.

Nancy said...

All the stitching is beautiful, but I really love the Wee Rooster pinkeep! It looks like such a fun project.

Hope your birthday was a very special day!

Jackie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Lovely finishes! I have heard Hardanger is something you either love or hate. I haven't tried it yet.

Hillery said...

I so envy those who can participate in exchanges. I just don't have the time, but I know I would just love to join someday. I think your exchange piece is cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Mylene said...

Beautiful piece you made for the exchange and wow! Such lovely hardanger finished. Great job!!

Margaret said...

Belated happy Birthday Suzanne.
Yes I did make those toggles and if you email me your postal address I will photo copy off the instructions and mail them to you. They are just a little different to the ordinary and make a great "finishing touch"

Love the hardanger needlebook

Jaimie said...

Lovely finishes! I love the hardanger piece and you are inspiring me to give it a whirl.

Kathy said...

Your stitching is just beautiful. I like that pinkeep for the HoE exchange. Too cute.

Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated Birthday.

Thank you for your comment on my blog.


Daffycat said...

*gasp* I love this chicken pinkeep! Well done, Suzanne!

Siobhan said...

Happy belated birthday! I love your hardanger--it is SO pretty! Love the chicken piece, too. Great job!