Friday, 17 September 2010

Never An Idle Moment

This post has been a long time coming. My DH purchased a new computer for me, so this last week has been spent getting it to how I like it and making sure that all my software is loaded and works correctly. I am very behind on my blog reading and posting. But I am sure that I will get back on top of it this coming week.

My order for my birthday arrived this week. How fun to open the package and find all this. I received some excellent service from the ONS that I ordered from. They were able to get a number of items for me that were not on their website.

With my DH back, I have a photo of the great items be brought back for me from Japan. I love all those Japanese bowls and these ones have a cute little cat on them and the bottom of the bowls has the cat paw prints. My DH very kindly searched in many bookstores for a few crochet books I was after. Although they are in Japanese, the diagrams are in standard international format and quite easy to follow. I have done a little research and discovered what various different symbols mean, so they make much better sense now. If anyone is interested in more information, just contact me as I have a little cheat document to help decipher these Japanese patterns.

I would like to show you what I had stitched for Ronel in the Friends Through Thread Little House Needlework exchange.

Design: Necessities Sampler
Designer: Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - Ecru
Thread: DMC
Finish: Pillow

Although my DH had been away, I didn't stop stitching. In actual fact, as the house had been cleaner than usual I had been stitching, knitting and crocheting more than ever before.

My knitting skills are a little ordinary, so I have decided to start knitting a basic throw. Each square teaches a different skill. I have finished three squares, but I am trying not to look too closely at them. I know that I am improving with each square and discovering my mistakes, but they still look a little rough. The only problem I can't seem to work out is why my yarn is getting all twisted up. I have tried taking the yarn from the centre of the ball and then the outside with no difference. I have checked that I am doing all my stitches correctly, so what am I doing wrong?

I have also decided to do the same kind of throw, but in crochet instead, so here is my first square.

I have lots more stitching progress, but that's for another post.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Blackbird Designs Mystery Bonus #2

Design: Rites Of Spring Mystery Bonus #2 (Loose Feathers #31)
Designer: Blackbird Designs
Fabric: 30ct R&R Reproductions - Irish Cream
Thread: Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Works

I have finished the Blackbird Designs Mystery Bonus #2 that Danielle and I have been working on in a SAL. I really want to start the third one, but I am awaiting my order from overseas to come in with some of the threads that I have started to run quite low on. In this design I couldn't decide on which initials to use, my initials are quite boring (SS). Then I wasn't really sure if I should use my husbands (TP) or my daughter's first letters of their names together which would be AA (not really the right ones to use). In the end I used AP as both of their initials are the same, so two daughters, one initial, yeah! (The stitcher in me must have subconsciously thought of this dilemma when we named them.)

I have been really getting into some crochet and knitting lately. Too much time on my hand with my DH gone. By the way he is back and he bought back some lovely things for me and the girls. I will post again this coming week with lots more to show.