Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Blanket for Me

The weather has warmed up and I have lost my stitching mojo. Every night I have been sweating terribly and haven't touched my stitching for at least two weeks. Before my slump I did get a little bit done. Actually I have been in a mega slump for a while. I haven't been commenting on blogs very much, although I have been reading them and I haven't posted for so long.

Here is where I am up to with Margaret Pence by The Goode Huswife. I have completed Adam & Eve and started on the fig tree, but this is where it's going to stay until I get my mojo back.

I pulled out my 12 Blessings Of Christmas by Lizzie*Kate and finished another block. This leaves me with only three more blocks to go. (I really hope this is finished for this Christmas, only several years late!)

My knitted squares blanket is coming along well enough. I have been having trouble with blocking some of the squares. Although I have not touched the iron to the blocks and have only very lightly patted the squares into shape with my hand, some of the stitches look a little squashed and flat.

I have a few more blocks completed for my crocheted squares blanket as well. Sorry I haven't blocked all the squares out  before I took the photo.

Finally, here is the project I have been working on most of my time. It's an octagon blanket that I am crocheting for myself. It's a free pattern that I picked up at the Lionbrand website. I sewed a few blocks together to see what it would look like, but I think I will need to block all the pieces first, they look a little bit wavy.