Sunday, 16 January 2011

WIP Update

I have noticed quite a few people listing all their WIPs on their blog. I have created a special page on my blog for my 2011 WIPs. I think that I have all of them on there, but there may be a few lurking about that have escaped my search.

These are all the pieces I have been working on on the last few weeks. The first two are the ornaments I had kitted up to be stitched as the girls 2010 ornaments. I hope to have these finished in the next month or so, then I can begin stitching the ones for this year, although this year I will have three to stitch up.

Heart In Hand - Little Angel In The Clouds
Country Cottage Needleworks - Visions Of Sugar Plums
I decided this year I have to absolutely finish my Bent Creek Red Thread piece. I have eight of the blocks completed and only four and the border to go. I suppose this block is my first finish for 2011. When I purchased my fabric for this, there was a slight miscalculation in the fabric I required. I have a massive fabric border on the top and bottom. As I have stitched in the middle of the piece and the extra fabric is too narrow to stitch anything on, I have decided to use it to make the piece into one very long pillow and the extra fabric can be the backing of the pillow.

Bent Creek - Ocean Voyage
Bent Creek - Red Thread Series
I have picked up Hannah Lancaster again after neglecting her for many months. I spent quite a few nights on her and added the top border, the lion, pine tree and flower basket. I really love stitching on her.

The Porcupine Collection - Hannah Lancaster
Next is a small pincushion kit from The Scarlet Letter and stitched over one using silks. There many not look like a lot of progress, but this many, many nights work.

The Scarlet Letter - c.1800 Gift Pincushion
I pulled out my second piece of hardanger that I have been working on. It's a kit I purchased from The Gift Of Stitching Magazine and follows a series of classes in the magazine. At the moment I am working on the bars and dove's eyes around the outside.

Meg Shinall - Beginner's Hardanger Course - HC202
I just couldn't resist starting the third of the Blackbird Designs mystery sampler series. I found that once I had started I just couldn't put it down. So here is my progress so far.

Blackbird Designs - Mystery Sampler #3
Here is a piece I have been stitching on for some time, but for whatever reason, I have never shown it on my blog. It's an Icelandic biscornu design and I have completed the first side of it. It's all stitched over one on white and then the other side is stitched in a ecru variegated thread on red fabric.

Linda Björk Eiríksdóttir - Icelandic Biscornu
This is a biscornu I started a long time ago, I think not long after Amelie was born. I had completed the first side, but for whatever reason I put aside and forgot about it. It's a design by Casey Buonaugurio and it's very cute.

Casey Buonaugurio - Frog Biscornu
Finally I picked up Margaret Pence by The Goode Huswife again. I had completed the fig tree until I discovered I had miscounted with one leaf and a bird, so I frogged it out, but had not had time to stitch it again.

The Goode Huswife - Margaret Pence


KarenV said...

Suzanne, you have some gorgeous WIPs! I really love the Red Thread piece and the colours in Hannah are so pretty, as is the little pincushion. Good luck with getting them done this year!

Farm Girl said...

Love your WIP's. It feels so much better to have them all rounded up and put onto a list! Here's to a wonderful year of getting some ticked off those lists.

Margit said...

Suzanne, I hope that you get all of your WIP's done this year because all of them are sooo lovely!
I have stitched the "little angel in the cloud" also and it's still one of my favorite!
Your girls are getting sweeter every time!

Lesleyanne said...

Love your wips. I too have stitched the little angel in the cloud and loved it.

Margaret said...

Wonderful WIPs! You're really doing well with the hardanger class. I was planning on doing that but of course I haven't.

Chris said...

I love Hanna Lancaster. It is great seeing all your projects. I look forward to seeing your finishes.

Julianne said...


All your projects are beautiful. I love the delicate hardanger piece you are working on.

I am happy that you are feeling better and are able to enjoy your stitching again. Enjoy all your pieces.

Ranae said...

Beautiful WIPS!
Good luck with all of them

Cole said...

You have some gorgeous WIPs going on! My favorite have to be the charts you picked for your girls and the Icelandic Biscornu. I can't wait to see your progress!

Lynn said...

What a great collection of WIP! The Icelandic Biscornu is really different and I don't know where you found it but I love it.
I think that finishing the Bent Creek piece as a pillow is a fabulous idea. A great use of the extra fabric.
I hope you're feeling much better now and able to put in many stitches on all these lovelies.

Ellen said...

Love your wips, especially Hannah! Will follow your progress, happy stitching.


Rowyn said...

You have lots of lovely WIPs!

Jackie said...

You have some great WIPs and I'm sure you'll make a lot of progress this year!

Siobhan said...

It's so good to see you getting your stitchy groove on again! ;) You have some FABULOUS WIPs!! Nice progress.

Sally said...

You have some amazing WIPs there!

Jaimie said...

Wow, nice collection of WIP's. I finished my first Country Cottage Needleworks and love all the colors! I also like your Bent Creek one, I'm going to look that one up and Hannah Lancaster is fabulous! Can't wait to see that one done. Have fun stitiching!

Bertie said...

So good to hear I'm not the only one with WIP's, and they are all beautiful too :)

Kajsa said...

Wow, you have a lot going. Everything is really pretty. Happy to hear that you are feeling better and congratulations.

Susan said...

All your WIPs are lovely, Suzanne! I especially love the Bent Creek one. I can't wait to see some of your finishes throughout the year!

Sonda in OR said...

They are all lovely WIPs. The frog biscornu is wonderful when finished. I stitched it a couple years ago for an exchange and I need to stitch it again for myself.

Elaine said...

Beautiful wips! Look forward to seeing them grow.

Michele said...

Lovely stitching! Those are some beautiful WIPs!