Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A mighty stash acquisition!

This is a very long overdue post!

A few Saturdays ago my DH, the kids and I went for a lovely drive up to The Crewel Gobelin, where I acquired all this stash as part of my birthday present. I can't wait to stitch up some of these A&E charts, I especially love the Catharine Metcalf sampler. I purchased some Danish Flower Threads that I plan to use to stitch another A&E design some time in the future.

Afterwards we all went to lunch at a lovely beach side cafe. My DH and the girls went for a walk on the beach and built some sand castles, whilst Felix and I caught a much needed nap in the car.

My mother gave me all these lovely Japanese quilting fabrics for my birthday. I will be using them for all manner of finishing when I get a chance.

I did have a finish the previous week. I finished off the second class in the hardanger course in The Gift of Stitching magazine. I had a right time with this piece as I made some incorrect cuts and had to sew the linen threads back in (after I counted and counted and checked twice before cutting). Then I cut around the outside before I had done the stitching (by mistake) and so a lot of the outside lace work looks a bit wonky. All in all though I am happy with the result and I learned quite a few lessons in the making.

Design: Beginner's Hardanger Course (HC201, HC202, HC203)
Designer: Meg Shinall (The Gift Of Stitching Magazine Issues, 51 April 2010, 52 May 2010 & 53 June 2010)
Fabric: 20ct Irish linen - cream
Thread: Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread

I  hit the jackpot on eBay a few weeks ago with all these items. I specifically wanted the Christmas Biscornu by Just Nan, but figured the rest of the items wouldn't be too bad as well. What I didn't realise was that the lot included Chatelaine's Egypt Garden fully kitted out by The European Cross Stitch Company. You won't believe this, but I purchased all of this for less than the cost of purchasing all the threads for the Christmas biscornu (oh yeah the fabric was included as well). What a bargain!

This week there has been quite a bit on sale on eBay again and well I couldn't resist a bargain. I purchased all these Just Nan charts with their embellishments for such a low price; I would never spend much on eBay.

This weeks finish is quite a quick piece by Carriage House Designs. I saw the design on Rowan's blog and she kindly lent me the magazine with the chart. It's a quick stitch, but when you have as little time as I do to stitch, it's a weeks worth of work.

Design: Emma Blackwood Sampler
Designer: Carriage House Samplings (JCS Magazine, June 2005)
Fabric: 36ct Edinburgh linen - sand
Thread:  DMC

Today the stash I purchased from The Attic Needlework arrived. I have been waiting a very long time for these items because of back order issues, but Jean has been very helpful and patient with my inquiries. These are bits and pieces I needed to kit up a few different projects. Due to the lack of stitching time, I have been spending money on stash. I think I really need to stop now!

That's all for now, I have a few secret projects I am working on and then I need to start on all the Christmas ornaments for the children. I plan on stitching and finishing them this year and now that I have three to do, I really should start now. I must confess I still need to finish-finish the ones from last year!

I'll leave you with a few photos of Felix, Aurelia and Amelie.


KarenV said...

What a lovely post, Suzanne! You've acquired some wonderful stash and some great bargains lately.

Congratulations on finishing the hardanger piece, it looks gorgeous and definitely not wonky, despite the issues you had. Love the CHS finish too - I have that one to stitch someday.

Katrina said...

Great stash acquisitions!!!! And happy belated birthday :-). Love the sampler and the hardanger piece, gorgeous.

Pretty pictures of your children!!!! Hopefully Felix is sleeping much better :-).

Margaret said...

Happy belated birthday to you! I love all your stash acquisitions! All your Scarlet Letter purchases are in my stash as well. Your hardanger finish looks lovely -- so now you are a pro at it, right? Love the CHS finish as well. Your kids are so cute! Felix is already getting big! Hope Felix is being a good boy for you these days.

Jackie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And congratulations on your finishes - they're gorgeous.

Awesome stash! You have some lovely things to stitch. What are you going to start first?

The kids are adorable. I particularly love the middle picture - the light is fantastic and turns the bubbles all sorts of colors.

Deborah said...

Wonderful stash! Your hardanger piece is just beautiful. :ove the pics of the kids.

Wendy said...

I love your hardanger! Did you enjoy it? Do you have the bug too? You should come and link it up to my Learn a New Technique challenge. I'm off to check out ebay and I'm blaming you!

Mylene said...

Belated Happy Birthday and WOW! what gorgeous new stash!!

Cute pictures of the kids!!

marly said...

Happy whenever it was birthday! You're adding some wonderful items to your stash. The fabrics are lovely and those charts - you hit the jackpot! That's OK. You deserve it. Felix and the girls - how much luckier can you get?

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your finishes. Great new stash and photos of your children.

Elaine said...

Belated Birthday wishes and congrats on your beautiful finishes.
I;m just drooling over all that wonderful new stash, enjoy!
Great photos off your beautiful children.

Katrina said...

Wow Suzanne, what wonderful new stash, I bet you've been having alot of fun playing with it, lol. As always, its such a pleasure to see the photos of your children. I look forward to seeing what your ornament choices are this year :)

Lynn said...

Happy Belated birthday! You received some great birthday goodies. I love those sampler designs! Great stash enhancement from the Attic too!
That is quite the find from ebay!! Good for you. Every once in awhile I manage to find a great deal there but I haven't come across one this good.
I love your CHS finish. Such gorgeous colours!
Felix is growing so quickly! I love seeing your pics of the children.

valerie said...

Wow, what a fabulous post filled with wonderful stash, finishes and the kiddos! You scored some awesome deals on eBay. Just that Egyptian Garden kit!

I love your handanger. I bought the kit and never even opened it...let alone started. I really need to find the time to dig that out.

samplerlover said...

Hi Suzanne, happy belated birthday. Love all your stash and your ebay purchase with the Chatelaine piece in was such a good buy.
Love your Hardanger piece. It is so easy to do isn't once you work out how to do it.
Lovely photos of the children. I hope that Felix is starting to be a good boy for you. - Sandra.

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday! Love your wonderful stash! That hardanger piece is gorgeous!

Thank you for sharing the pictures of your lovely children!


Lois said...

What lovely stash you've been acquiring! Love your CHS finish and your hardanger piece is wonderful! Gorgeous pics of your three, Felix is growing like a little weed and the girls are so sweet!

Carol said...

What wonderful birthday stash, Suzanne! And such amazing deals on ebay--I'll bet you're trying to decide what to do first. So many goodies in those lots :)

Your little Carriage House Designs finish is darling--so sweet of Rowyn to lend you the magazine, too. And that hardanger piece--wow! I am way too scared to tackle hardanger.

I always enjoy seeing photos of your adorable children--hope they give you a bit of time to do some stitching. The only time I could stitch when my sons were young was naptime! Luckily, all three were good nappers :)

Farm Girl said...

Holy moly, what a wonderful haul you have there! Beautiful, I've been eyeing up the new Loose Feathers, waiting to see what Part 2 looks like. Your children are growing so fast - esp little Felix! You've got some lovely finishes, you're a busy girl ........... hope you had a lovely birthday, Nicky

Kathy A. said...

Oh my gosh - all that wonderful stash. My eyes could not take it all in. Imagine - a Just Nan biscornu and a Chatelaine as a bonus!!!
I have that biscornu to stitch too. Maybe, one day, a SAL???
and all your other goodies WOW!!!. I love The Attic and it is so dangerous for me to go there. I am planning to visit this winter again but I may have to leave my wallet in the car.
The children - oh how much they are growing and how beautiful they are.

Sally said...

Oh wow what fantastic stash you've got. Fantastic Ebay wins. I can't believe you got the Chatelaine all kitted up as well. What a bargain!

Love your CHS piece. Which magazine was it in?

Lovely photos of your children.

Rowyn said...

Hi Suzanne

Wow - what a lovely haul of stash you have acquired. A stitcher's dream!

Your hardanger piece is so delicate looking.

I'm glad you enjoyed stitching the CHS piece, it looks fab! It's such a nice design. If any of your readers want to stitch it, feel free to pass it along. There was nothing else in the magazine I wanted to stitch, so you can keep it or give it away. I don't mind.

Your children are beautiful, and what fantastic photos of them all. Your girls look like they are really concentrating on the bubble blowing. :-)

Have a lovely weekend!

Andrea said...

Great stash. Lots to delve in to.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Love the new stash and what an amazing bargain for the Chatelaine. Love the photos of your kids, they are gorgeous. My kids have had the bubbles and they love blowing them for the cat, he is so funny when they pop right in front of him.

Clare said...

Can i come to play with your stash!

Wow what a great selection - but you're itching to start something.

Your children are adoreable too!

Regards Clare

Clare said...

Sorry that should have read bet instead of but. Ops.

Susan said...

Your hardanger piece is lovely - I've taken a couple of hardanger classes, but have yet to finish a hardanger piece!

The pictures of your children are lovely - Felix is growing quickly!

Love the stash you acquired - when are you going to find the time to stitch it all? :)

Patty C. said...

I'm drooling over here !!!!!
Wonderful stash ;)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Awww your kids are captured just perfectly!

Suzanne what an insane amount of stash you got there!

Your hardanger piece is awesome! Congrats on all finishes!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, oh my, are these pictures really true? You can litterally roll in your new stash. All the charts and threads are fantastic.

Brigitte said...

Oh, and I love your family pictures.

Rhona said...

Wow what a stash collection you got!Somebody's going to be very busy!! ;)

Siobhan said...

Wow!! What a fabulous bunch of stash enhancements! Everything looks amazing. Congratulations on the finishes, too! The hardanger is lovely. I took a class on it years ago but didn't take to it, unfortunately. Love the CHS--I need to get that stitched!

The pics of the kids are priceless.

Katherine said...

Oh, my, you are all set for stitching! I think I like Polly Phillip the best. The children are beautiful.