Thursday, 8 March 2012

An Exchange In Red

Thanks for all the kind comments with regards to the flooding. We are a street back from the river, but quite a few metres higher than the top of the river bank. For us to flood we would have had to have a record breaking flood.

Once again it is raining! I had a quick look at the rain statistics for the year and found that since the first of January we have already had 70% of our annual average rainfall. Considering we haven't even made it through a quarter of a year, that's a lot of rain with more to come.

Anyway, I can't really complain, considering there are many people around the state who have been evacuated from their homes because of the flooding and many more evacuations to come. At the moment there is an area bigger than the country of France currently under flood in this state.

On a happy note, the other day this beautiful exchange arrived from Nancy for the Stitch Red For The Heart exchange on the Friends Through Thread blog. Nancy chose a beautiful design by Trillium Creates and stitched it using threads by Victoria Motto. It's just so pretty, so thank you again Nancy.

I have been working on the Blackbird Designs Mystery sampler I put aside some time ago. I finished the house and stitched more of the vine these past few days and last night until the power went out. I don't know what it is about me and houses, but they are my nemesis. Now that the majority of the stitching is out of the way, the rest should stitch up pretty quickly. I am a little disappointed by the colour of the house. The Roasted Marshmallow was a little more creamy brown than white and doesn't stand out against the fabric as much as I would like. I can't say that I like stitching on 30ct fabric, the stitching has too much of a rustic look to it.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

It's the rain that never ends and it goes on and on my friend.......

Well from my very long title, you can see that we have had rain and more rain. On Friday night the Warragamba Dam reached capacity and started to spill out into the river. By yesterday afternoon the river peaked at a very minor flood height. It was a spectacle with people lining the banks and creating traffic issues in an otherwise very quite neighbourhood. People were even stopping on the bridge on the motorway to have a look. There may be more rain on the way later this month, so the potential for more flooding is a real possibility. Here are a few photos my DH took.