Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bad blogger......

Wow, I have just noticed how bad a blogger I have become, with only a post or two a month for some time. Things have become hectic again just as I caught up.

Felix turned one earlier in the month and we had a great party at home. Lots of cooking and cleaning and organising involved as it was cold and we had everyone inside for lunch. He received so many presents which meant a reorganisation of the play/loungeroom. Felix has started walking and investigating anything he can reach and so needs a lot more supervision than before.

In the middle of the month I took a trip to the craft show in Sydney. I had a great day spending up big on all sorts of supplies. No charts, but I did pick up some hand-dyed sampler threads, fabric, quilting fabric for finishing, crushed walnut shells, fabric dyes for aging my linen, storage bags for my WIPs and some new scissors. My husband purchased a timber thread storage cabinet for me, but that is in the process of being made, so photos will follow when it arrives.

What has been the most hectic has been the renovation work being completed on the house. Our old tile roof has been removed and we now have a beautiful new corrugated steel roof. What a huge difference it has made to the house, although the next job will be to clean up the garden after all the work.

We have had some work done on the ceilings inside with one old skylight being filled in and the other skylight being changed to a sky window. We have also sheeted the exposed brick walls and today the work is being sanded down. My husband just showed me how much dust is on my tiles and I really want to cry. This is the last of the big work to be done in the house, so a little more patience and lots of cleaning this afternoon and it will all be done.

Finally, I forgot to show the gift I sent to Wendy Jo for the Friends Through Thread friendship exchange. I made Wendy a matress pincushion with a long ribbon for attaching a pair of scissors.

Design: Carré Fleuri (freebie)
Designer: Anne Les Petites Croix
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Linen - white
Thread: DMC
Finish: Mattress pincushion


Margaret said...

I can't believe Felix is 1 already! Wow! Happy belated birthday to him. He looks so spiffy in his sweater vest. The new roof looks wonderful! And the mattress pincushion you made for Wendy Jo is just gorgeous!! Wow! Good to see a post from you!

marly said...

What a beautiful cake and a handsome boy! You're right - the new roof is fabulous. I've never done a mattress pincushion but you obviously have had some practice because it is perfect. Hopefully, the dust will be gone soon!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Suzanne,

Your little fella is getting to be a big boy.
Hard to believe he's a year old already.
Hope he enjoyed his special day and all
the gifts that he received. Not to mention
that super yummy looking cake.

We had our old shingle roof changed to
a metal roof about 8 years ago and it's
great. Saves us money on heating and
on cooling. Saving money is GOOD!!
Your red roof looks fabulous and makes
the house really shine!! Best part of
a metal roof ... no need to have the
roof done again for at least the next
fifty years.

The mattress pincushion that you made
for Wendy Jo is lovely. I love all those
pretty spring colours and flowers and
the finishing is superb!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time
at the craft show and brought home
some great stuff. Can't wait to see
pictures of the thread storage cabinet.


samplerlover said...

Wow Suzanne, your mattress pincushion is perfect and looks wonderful. Your house looks lovely with it's new roof. It is always lovely lying in bed when it is raining when the house has a tin roof. Felix's cake looks delicious and I love his dapper outfit. - Sandra.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Felix!
It looks like you have been really busy. Felix walking, new roof, etc.
Hopefully things will settle down some.
Sounds like you got some great new supplies. What a wonderful finish. The finishing is lovely.

Jackie said...

Time sure does fly! Felix is 1 and walking. Next thing we all know he'll be a teenager!

Home renovations are so much work! But worth it. We're getting ready to do a little painting, some closet reorganizations and flooring in the bedrooms. Just the thought of all that has to be done is exhausting and i don't have little kids! I hope you find it very well worth it once yours is completed. The roof looks wonderful!

The mattress pincushion you made is exquisitely stitched and finished!

Shirlee said...

Awww! Felix is adorable! I'm sure you've heard this before from us old-timers but time does indeed fly by so be sure to enjoy each & every step of your child's life : ) Your home is lovely & I agree that the new roof looks much better than the old one. Beautiful stitching & finishing!

Susan said...

Suzanne - that mattress pincushion is adorable!

I can't believe Felix is one already!! Where does the time go?

Your new roof looks lovely!! Congratulations on the renovations!

Carol said...

Aww...happy birthday to Mr. Felix! What a cutie! No wonder you have no time to blog, Suzanne, with three little ones to run after :) I barely manage two posts a month and my three are all grown and gone!!

Your new roof looks wonderful--I'm sure it is worth all the chaos that renovations seem to bring...

Lovely little mattress pincushion for Wendy Jo--I'm sure she's just thrilled...

Kathy A. said...

What a handsome young fella Felix is.
What a beautiful little mattress pincushion you have made. I haven't been brave enough to try that yet.
Glad to hear the renos are alsmost done and things will be calmer.
Sending summer hugs

P.J. said...

Happy 1st birthday to Felix, he is a handsome devil. Really like your new roof! Can't wait to see your other home improvements. Beautiful, beautiful work in the pin cushion, flawless finish!

Brigitte said...

I can't believe it that it's already a year since Felix' birth was announced on your blog. Happy Birthday to the little man!
I love the pincushion you made. I have this freebie in my stash, too, but have never come around to stitch it. She has so many wonderful freebies on her site ...

Lisa V said...

Belated birthday wishes to little Felix, wow I cant believe he's one already.
Love your mattress pincushion.

Cheryl said...

Thats a lovely picture of you and Felix! HAppy 1st Birthday Felix!
Your pincushion finishing looks beautiful.
Like the house pics too, i always

Rowyn said...

Hi Suzanne

What a gorgeous photo of you and Felix. It's hard to believe he is one already.

Your house looks really lovely with the new roof.

The mattress pincushion looks super. I've stitched this design too, although I made mine into a biscornu. It sits with the BBD pincushion you made me next to my stitching spot on the couch. :-)

Hope you have a lovely week.

valerie said...

No worries...I'm a bad blogger too. Life gets busy and time flies! I can't believe that Felix is 1 already! Happy Birthday Felix! Love the mattress pincushion!

Chiloe said...

Happy birthday Felix! :)

Love the new roof too. ;-)

Your stitching is beautiful ( like always!!! :) )

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Well that little Felix just couldn't be more handsome! What a cutie and happy birthday to him.
I love your new roof - I've always wanted that kind of roof so I could hear the rain on it.
Fabulous finish for Wendy Jo - I know she loved it!