Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Gift Time

Cathy and I participated in a birthday exchange through the Friends Through Thread blog and these are all the wonderful things she sent me. Cathy's Mum does beautiful tatting and she used the motifs to make some very cute pincushions. I received some Bohin needles that I have been dying to try, but couldn't find, some trim which has already been earmarked to be used for Christmas ornaments and the JCS Christmas issue and the new Blackbird Design chart.

Cathy also stitched this very cute design from Blackbird Designs and put in a fob for a necklace. She also included another fob so that I can stitch something and put it inside. Thank you so much Cathy for such a great gift!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Amelie's Birthday

In the beginning of October Amelie celebrated her fourth birthday. Not wanting to be out done be her sister and having very specific tastes, she opted for a birthday at a seafood restaurant.

We asked what she wanted for her birthday and she said she wanted to eat lobster (although pronounced lomster) and prawns and crab. I organised for my parents and brother and sister-in-law to join us for lunch at Doyles On The Beach as it is a well known and very established restaurant with a great reputation for high quality seafood.

We ordered the seafood platter and the look on the kids faces when it arrived was priceless. Felix actually squealed with delight. I couldn't believe that between the three children they polished off more than half the seafood platter on their own. Lucky the adults ordered entrees to begin with.

After lunch we decided to take the kids down to Camp Cove (the supposed first landfall in Sydney Harbour for European settlement). It's a nice sheltered beach, but being the beginning of spring I didn't bring the children's swimmers as the water is too cold. They changed into some shorts and t-shirts and explored the beach.

Aurelia was collecting things on the beach and I said to her go a little deeper up to your ankles and you will find more shells in the water. I took my eyes off her for a second and the next thing I knew she chest deep in the water fully clothed declaring there was even more out this far! Luckily I am a well prepared mum and anticipated such an act and brought spare underwear for just such an occasion. At least they all had a really fun time and my DH and I had a nice peaceful hour's drive home in the car with all three snoring in the back seat.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Kit for Cabinet Course Arrives

I should have posted this back in September some time, but as usual I am late in the posting. I had been anticipating the arrival of the first kit for the Cabinet of Curiosities course from Thistle Threads to arrive. I held off all day to open the box as I didn't want to be distracted from getting the housework completed or dinner prepared. The children however could not stay away and had to have their little look in. Felix grabbed the bags of thread and ran round the kitchen waving them round his head whooping and hollering with joy. Funny little boy!!

What a wonderful surprise when I did eventually open the package. So many beautiful silk threads in such luscious colours. The silks are Soie De Paris and Soie Ovale in each colour range. I just want to touch them all and keep looking at them. Are the packages cute or what, I can hardly bring myself to open them up!

 Tricia did such a fabulous job of packaging and labelling each item and even added a little surprise with the 'Cup of Contemplation' as a little gift to us all.
I am a little concerned about this course though. Most people taking this course seem to be very accomplished embroiderers and my skills are very limited to counted work. We started our course work stitching this month, but I have had terribly dry hands that seem to be snagging on silk threads. I have been giving my hands little scrubs, moisturising them through the night, but washing hands all day while cleaning, after wiping bottoms and changing nappies doesn't help at all. I am very much looking forward to finding out how my skills stand up as soon as I can get these hands nice and soft again.