Sunday, 18 November 2012

Stitching Updates

It's been quite a while since I have updated with photos of my stitching. Silly me has over thirty different projects going at the moment and I just can't put the time into each of them that I would like.

First of all is My Favourite Scottish Sampler from the course I took last year with Robin Laukuf. I put it aside because Felix was born and forgot all about it. I took it out recently and finished the four-sided stitch alphabet (although I had to unpick the Z), stitched another hundred or so Algerian eyelets and started with the backstitch swirls. Apart from being in silk and not being able to stitch due to dry hands, the backstitch swirls take a lot of concentration because there are bits over one thread and three threads and two threads and not always where you expect them. Besides I only have another 800 or so Algerian eyelets to go......

Next is Hannah Lancaster by The Porcupine Collection. I had stitched quite a bit on her and I know that I am on the finishing straight. There have been so many other things getting in the way I have had to put her down for a little while. I am very proud of this one.

Finally this is where I am up to with Christmas At Hawk Run Hollow. Pretty sad I know, but again, silks and dry hands.....moral of the story is I should ditch the children for an hour and go and get a manicure, yeah, yeah in my dreams!
I have been working on Susan Singleton, but I have gone off her, because I made a huge mistake and have to restitch three days of work. I can't share her at the moment, the next scheduled post is December. All I can say is that the chart and the picture are very different, so a whole lot more work than I anticipated is required in changing colours and working out what stitches I need to do.

I suppose most of my stitching will take a back seat for now, I have the ornaments for the children to stitch and then Aurelia wants me to stitch an ornament for her teachers. Yes, she has two teachers, so two of everything, but that's OK. Your first teacher(s) is always the favourite and I want to make their Christmas presents special for Aurelia's sake.