Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Merry Christmas

It's been a busy year and it just doesn't seem to be getting any better. I am hoping that in the new year I can relax a little and get back to doing the little things I enjoy. I did finish the teacher's ornaments and they turned out better than expected, I will try and share before Christmas. I am still stitching away on the children's ornaments, but I don't think they will get done before Christmas.
I am planning on having a giveaway in the new year as a thank you to everyone who continues to read my blog, so keep an eye out in January.

I would like to thank all my loyal followers and especially those who leave those precious comments. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and safe new year. May you find more time for stitching and I hope that Santa most generously enhances your stash!

I very quickly put together this little snowflake pattern for you all. I was inspired by something that my grandmother must have stitched a very long time ago. I found a hand drawn pattern similar to this in amongst her old stitching things, which I can only assume she drew. Anyway, be creative and enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Zoo

Last month we took a trip to the zoo. The girls each had an animal encounter with Aurelia getting to hold a snake and Amelie and I feeding the giraffe. Not much else to say other than we had a great day. Please enjoy a few photos!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Secret Stitching Revealed

Just moments ago I received an email from Cathy letting me know the birthday exchange I sent through the Friends Through Thread blog had arrived. I put a few things together with a pretty felt pincushion kit from Hatched & Patched, some Stitches & Spice cottons and a selection of Thread Gatherer silks. I didn't take a photo of those, but I have borrowed a photo from Cathy (I hope you don't mind).

I also stitched a few items for Cathy. These are pillows by the designer Nicoletta Farrauto and each design reflects elements found in tapestries in the Borromeo Palace on Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore in Italy. I finished the edges of each piece with a blanket stitch using a perle cotton and one had a beautiful handmade Italian mother of pearl button.

Design: White Peacock Pincushion
Designer: Nicoletta Farrauto (Gift Of Stitching Issue 63, May 2011)
Fabric: 36ct Edinburgh linen - Ecru
Thread: DMC
Finish: Pincushion
Design: Parrot Pincushion
Designer: Nicoletta Farrauto (Gift Of Stitching Issue 64, June 2011)
Fabric: 36ct Edinburgh linen - Ecru
Thread: DMC
Finish: Pincushion
Design: Royal Visitor Pincushion
Designer: Nicoletta Farrauto (Gift Of Stitching Issue 65, July 2011)
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - Ecru
Thread: DMC
Finish: Pincushion
When I was looking at designs I also came across this strawberry by Nicoletta and not having tried a strawberry before I decided to give it ago. I didn't distress it as the instructions said. I made a slight boo, boo with this one and cut it in the wrong place so the seam was a little over the stitching, but it still came out as I had hoped. I learnt a few techniques and some lessons in the making.

Design: Primitive Strawberry Ornament
Designer: Nicoletta Farrauto (Gift Of Stitching Issue 49, February 2010)
Fabric: 32ct Belfast linen - Ecru
Thread: DMC
Finish: Pincushion

Finally I made a crochet mug cosy. This was a lot of fun and I will be making more of these for myself this winter. The pattern is very easy and makes a stretchy piece so it can fit on various sized mugs. I found this pattern on Pinterest, so it proves that I don't just look at things on Pinterest, but I actually make them as well!

Design: Crochet Mug Cozy
Designer: Bubblegirl (pattern found here)
Yarn: Panda Magnum Soft 8 ply - 100% acrylic (colour 4602)
Hook size: 4.00mm/US 6