Friday, 7 March 2014

First Day Of School

Last month saw the first day of school for Amelie. She was so excited to start, especially since we had been counting down the days for the previous four months.

It's amazing how quiet the house has become with only Felix at home. I seem to get my chores done and dinner prepared most days before school pick-up time. I am actually finding I have more time for my stitching and crocheting as well. It's taken me almost a month to get into the new routine and catch up all the things that had been previously neglected, I am almost there so I hope to get many more projects finished.

The girls both wanted me to make something that they could give their teachers (3 all up) for Valentines Day. I decided to make them all mug warmers, which I placed around a mug full of chocolate hearts. The pattern is the same one I used for the previous mug cozy, but I added a heart to each of these.

Design: Crochet Mug Cozy & Sweet Heart
Yarn: Lincraft Superwash 8 ply - 100% Pure New Wool (colour 3008) & Moda Vera Gelato - 50% Acrylic/50% Cotton (colour 16)
Hook size: 4.00mm/US 6 & 3.25mm/US D

I have been busy crocheting every chance I get, designing my own patterns and using some from books I have purchased in the hope that this winter I can set up my Etsy store to sell my handmade work. I have made so many things for everyone else and I don't want to stop, so this is a good way of supporting my habit. I am experimenting with different yarns and it has not all been good. Even though the tension was correct, the hats and head warmers have turned out a little too small for my head. Maybe I have a big head or maybe I need to go up a hook size. 


Lois said...

What a lovely pic of Amelie! I hope she's enjoying every day at school. What lovely gifts for the teachers. Enjoy having a bit more time to get caught up with things.

Lisa V said...

WOW, they grow up soo quick don't they!
Love your little mug warmers, very nice.
Enjoy your weekend.

Chris said...

Yea! Amelie! I hope that she is loving school.
The mug warmers are so sweet.

Linda said...

Love the mugs. Clever idea.


Mylene said...

A lovely picture of your daughter and what a great gifts you've made for the teachers.

Peggy Lee said...

Such a precious little girl you have there. I remember the excitement of the first day of school but also the LAST day of the year too!
Your heart cozies are adorable! Your things will surely go quickly on Etsy!

Margaret said...

Just wait till Felix is off to school and the time you'll have then. lol! I remember those days. The freedom while the kids are at school. And everything else. Enjoy it while you can, even the times when the kids are driving you nuts. It all goes by way too fast. Love the presents you made for your daughters' teachers!

Sonda said...

She's getting so big! Cute mug warmers.

Melody said...

What a cute idea for Valentine's. Your little girl looks so cute on her first day of school.

Melissa said...

Amelie looks adorable!

I like the mug warmers you made and the way you've put the gift together - perfect.

Happy Crocheting!

Brigitte said...

Hurray for Amelie. It's a great step for her and I hope she will enjoy school thoroughly. A lovely picture of Amelie.